Monday, July 21, 2014

What a week

What a week we had! It started with a surprise birthday party on Tuesday for our friend Sofia. (For some reason, my photos wouldn't upload from the party). Her family is originally from Costa Rica and her uncle made the most delicious avacado dip.  I'm still drooling. It was a lot of fun! Thursday night Scott went out for a boys night to see Captain America at the $2 theater. 
Friday we went to our friend's the Pettit's house for dinner, pool, and a fire. It wasn't the nicest outside- overcast and fighting off some rain. The pool was warm but it was a little too chilly for the kiddos outside. We only stayed in the pool for about a 1/2 hour and then decided a fire would be fun.
We roasted some marshmallows and the kids played both in and outside. We sure love spending time with friends!

After their house and after the kids went to bed, I went out for a girls night and saw Captain America as well. LOVED it. As with all these Marvel movies.
Saturday morning we were assigned to clean the building. After that we went home and had lunch and planned out Addilyn's bed. For the week that the kids and I are gone Scott is going to build her a bed. We then went out and got the wood and then headed to a birthday party!
Addilyn, Sam and Chloe
It was at the Burlington City park (about 1 hour away). It's similar to Dan Nicholas with the train ride and merry-go-round. But this place had more rides and no animals. The kids had a blast- and so did we!!

love this picture.
Zach Pettit, Levi, Scott
Josh Pettit and Addi

Chloe & Addi
Josh & Addi 

baby Kayla and Jennifer

love this of Levi!!
 Sunday was nice and relaxing. After church we took some long deserving naps. The kiddos were in bed by 7. I was able to blog a little and Scott was able to pack things that I could put in my suitcase for Washington. My next blog post(s) will be all about our trip to Washington! We drive down Tuesday and will stay with some friends who live closer to the airport. Then we fly out Charlotte Wednesday morning!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th of July!

[[Okay- so these first few pictures are not from the 4th...]]
Scott's work went paint balling again in April. They had a strict not plus ones this year. BUT they order too many paint balls (like 1/2 of what they got was left over, roughly 15 boxes full). So they organized an off the record group to go and I came! I was pretty nervous because unlike the other times I've gone, this time we were playing with those who were just at the place. That means, you could be up against kids who: 1) play all the time 2) have really nice guns that hurt and 3) are just really good. It ended up not being so bad. There was just one time that I had a close encounter with one of these guys- My glasses had fogged up and I was hunkering down trying to wipe them so I could see. The kid ran up and aimed his turbo gun at me and told me to surrender. After the game he said if I was a guy he would have just shot me point blank (10 feet away). THANK YOU GIRL CARD.
Also, I designed the shirts for Scott's work tournament. They had ordered too many so they gave a few to the workers there. Two of them were wearing them the day we came- so I asked if I could take a picture. Of course.

Our 4th of July weekend was so much fun! The Westerns pulled up late Thursday night and stayed through Sunday. On the 4th we went to Old Salem. They had a few activities outside and the kiddos really loved it. They also did one of our favorite geocaches in a tunnel. The girls were panicked but after the fact said it was the coolest.
bro/sis throwdown

Afton, Addilyn, Eila
Pretty sure that Addilyn and Eila could be twins. I always say that and probably always will. Addi is right in between Afton and Eila in age.
Olivia jumpin in the picture!

playing some games
naturalization ceremony

The weather could not have been more perfect. It was sunny, 70's and with a breeze. We totally lucked out! Did I mention the humidity was cut in half? There was a tropical storm leading up to the weekend and the humidity was unbearable. Once that storm cleared up it was heavenly. After Old Salem we went to some awesome New York Pizza at Marios for lunch. YUM.

My kitchen helpers for dinner- Levi and Ammon.

Aunt Shirley reading a book to the girls
Scott had woken up at 5:30am to throw in our pork in the dutch oven and put it in the oven. It roasted all day on low. We had some friends over for dinner and the menu included: pulled pork on buns, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon, cole slaw, green beans, and lemonade. SO GOOD. Desert was a blackberry cobbler and ice cream. Scott had picked the berries himself. 

The only fireworks we did were sparklers for the girls. Addilyn wanted nothing to do with them in the beginning. After a short while though she got into them and loved it. We also sang happy birthday to Shirley (which was a few days later)

hating it

loving it

Saturday we took the Westerns to our new favorite park- Dan Nicholas! Which it seems every other post I have done lately includes that park! Everyone had SO much fun. We had wonderful weather again and everything went really well.

checking out the turtles...

The highlight probably of the whole weekend was this bear. He was just hanging out eating grass and then decided to take a swim, while we were standing on the other side of the glass! It was so neat.

Levi demolished this peach.
train ride!
Ammon and Levi