Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh. Wow.

You might want to read this whole post! SO much has happened in the past 10 days since I last posted. To start with, Addilyn is growing so so much. She is in the midst of a growth spurt...Here are some pictures of these past 10 days.
A very very stinky diaper. In case you forgot what they were like...
 Hanging out outside on our little porch at our apartment.
 Full of smiles!! All of these pictures were taken with our fancy new smart phones!
 She is one strong cookie.
 Cabo with his new favorite treat.
 For my birthday (yes, even I forgot it was too...) we went to dinner at the Village Tavern. And yes, it was also a bar. But wow was it good! The restaurant is apart of Reynolda Village which used to be a plantation. The restaurant and many other stores were where the servants used to be. We took a walk up to the main house which is now a museum. It was huge!
 Massive tree that had vines and bushes growing all up it. There were fire flies jumping up in the grass.
 Beautiful terraces and gardens.

That was all for those birthday photos. In case you were wondering, I hit the big 22! Yes I know, I've been married nearly 3 years and have a daughter- I like to start early :)
 About to go house shopping for the first time!
 Grocery shopping for the missionaries coming over for dinner.
 Hanging out with her dog Cabo.
 Perfect round head.
 8 weeks old. She's a mover and a groover!

 These two pictures are just to show how moods swings really work.
And for the big news...We're buying a house! (or at least in the process) Yesterday we went under contract for this amazing home. Cross your fingers the inspection will pass, which we're sure it will.
 Some details about this beauty: it sits on 1/2 acre, obviously fenced for Cabo, sweet tree house. The deck off of the back of the house is brand new, along with several other important features (like the roof!)
It's a cape cod style home. The upstairs is the master bedroom with a full bath, closet, and study. The main floor has the living room, kitchen, laundry, two bedrooms, and a full bath. The kitchen has brand new appliances.
The downstairs basement is finished. We'll turn one of the rooms into a movie/playroom. The second room down there will be converted to our storage. It also has a basement garage which is to the right of the house from this picture above.

I'm super excited to post the progress of this house when we move into it. We are excited to start making something our own. After 3 years of living in apartments, we finally get our own place! We can paint the walls and not get charged!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend we were busy! Friday evening we went swimming in our pool. Addilyn hung out on the pool chairs for the most part.

 She was not excited to be unwrapped for sure! As soon as she hit the water with Scott it was like we just cut her head off she was so upset. Needless to say it didn't last long.
And for that, Scott and Addilyn immediately went into a warm bath tub, which she loved.

We got invited over to dinner Saturday night with 3 other couples from church. We had lots of fun doing the demo dinner of chicken and dumplings. Yum! We also went to check out a house in the morning, went to the dog park, and then to the farmer's market.

(Cabo was very hot after the dog park)
Above and below are from our walk on Sunday. In between skyping family, we went on some trails out in the Bethabara park. Scott carried Addilyn in the manly Moby wrap while I walked Cabo.
Sorry it's upside down. But this is one of many grave markers in "Gods Acre", a small portion of the park. It is the coolest place (the park..) Moravians settled this area and they made their original settlement an "open air museum". We haven't gone through very much of it yet. Scott runs a lot of the trails with Cabo in the morning.
If you couldn't tell, there are a ton of parks around here! In the city limits of Winston-Salem there's a little over 60 parks. We love it. Expect more pictures of the Bethabara park and many others. Also as a side note, all these pictures were taken with our new cameras...our phones! We upgraded to smart phones and man are they awesome!! We recommend them to anyone.
As for Addilyn- Here she is at 6 weeks old, or 42 days old. What an adorable daughter we have. She is very happy! She is starting to smile and it's not just because of gas anymore! If you get her really happy she'll smile at you. She also sleeps for most all of the night. She'll sleep between 6-8 hours, but starting at 11:30. (a little late for my taste). At least she is sleeping! During the day though she's still eating every 2 hours on the dot. She loves to wiggle around and stretch, stretch, stretch!
I sure love having her around. It's much more entertaining then being at home by myself with Cabo. Although Cabo isn't too bad for entertainment when he's not snoozing. Okay, now I feel updated on this blog! woo!

A full week in Winston-Salem

Another week down in the land of beautiful landscapes, ticks, ribs, making money and being a mom.
To start with, Scott had his first day (and now whole week) of work. This is him on his first day. This is also Addilyn's first day being at home with me all day.
 Last Saturday we went to the rib fest. It was in the low 90's...just a bit toasty.

 oh ya...the pictures say it all!

 Addilyn was loving, LOVING the heat. 
And then this is just a cute picture of her.
Sunday we went to our new ward. Holy smokes they were all over us. We were new and best of all we are not students. (We live 2 miles from wake forest university) Monday we went to the Winston-Salem Dash baseball game with Scott's work. They reserved the party deck and had "adult" drinks and dinner lol. They lost by one...and the second baseman had all of the errors.

Addilyn and I took a long walk along the trail view have behind where we live.