Friday, November 14, 2008

My big brother's getting hitched

Well, my brother got engaged Wednesday night on his birthday. Her name is Mariah Dahl- but soon to get a cooler last name. They plan to get married on January 31, 2009....a little over 2 months away! Good luck with their planning!
On Halloween, Scott and I went down to Idaho Falls with some friends to go trick-or-treating. We went as Napoleon and Pedro. We looked amazing. Anywho, we're just trudging along with our school now that it's starting to get uberly busy with the end of the semester coming. We are SO excited to go home for Thanksgiving in Washington. I can't wait to see my dog Cabo- which I hear is gaining weight..
Scott's birthday was the 8th, we went to the temple in the morning, he studied during the day, and then we went to a formal dance at the school. It was lots of fun dressing up and going dancing. He's 23 now!