Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The month of love

This month has seemed to have come and gone. Granted there are only 28 days it should feel like it. For Valentines I tried to give Scott a Valentine everyday until the 14th...or so that was my intention. I didn't really plan anything out so I did something if I thought of it. Sometimes he'd get something that Addilyn "made" for him and sometimes it would be a surprise note in an odd location. He told me I was in charge of the actual Valentines Day date this year. Last year he attempted gocart racing like our first Valentines, but it rained out the track that day. So what could I do? Well, we went out to eat. And we ate good. That is, sushi good. MMM I love my sushi. And now for some cute Addilyn pictures from this month. I feel like I'm slacking in her photo documented life. :)

During her nap, I thought I heard her wake up and this is how I found her
Addi playing with a new boyfriend at the mall. They had a blast together.
New generation of a bag lady. 
We attempted potty training last week. She shows ALL of the signs that she is interested in going potty. It was successful, if she would only go in the potty. She would come up to me and tell me she needed to go potty, so we'd sit on the toilet for a little bit, she'd tell me she was all done (without having done anything), I'd take her off and put her diaper back on, and then she'd pee. I figured I'd try it out now and if it worked, then awesome. But if not, I'll just wait until after the baby comes. "They" recommend not potty training around a time of change like a new sibling because they will just revert back to diapers. She's got a step stool and there is a "built-in" seat now on our toilet just for her.
She loves putting clothes on
And she loves putting shoes on
Playing with my phone, she kept making kissing faces 
She is such a doll. Every night Scott and I say how lucky we got with her. At night we do her routine and then lay her in bed and she's done. There is no fighting to get her to go to sleep or to do her routine. She is so happy to go to bed. And she is the sweetest thing. Lately she's been trying to say prayers. One of us will start to pray and she will start trying to repeat what we are saying. Even though what she says makes no sense...but we can make out a couple of words. The other night for dinner I asked her if she wanted to pray and she said yes. I was about 2 words in and she said "Jesus Amen." To the point that one. She is definitely a much happier kid when she doesn't have any teeth coming in!
28 weeks
And of course, now for a pregnancy update...Today marks 28 weeks. I was proud of myself at my Dr apt today. I gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I think that puts me at a total of 8 or 9 lbs gained so far. I also passed my gluco test, which I figured I would. Then I got my rhogam (sp?) shot in my booty today. It's a shot because I'm RH- I have to get it now and then after delivery unless the baby is also RH-. Which in Addilyn's case she was also RH- so I didn't have to get it again. It will be interesting delivering at this hospital because of their protocols VS Idaho. For example, the baby doesn't go into the nursery, ever. So I can't request them to take him for a few hours so I can sleep. Bummer.

I talked to my dr about my pelvic pain...which keeps me up at night and causes extreme discomfort during day. He said to thank Addilyn. I knew that having already given birth would have it's perks, like the potential of a shorter labor/delivery time. But this one is not a fun one. He said that since I've already had a baby my ligaments are especially stretchy. He prescribed prenatal yoga (check) and floating in a pool. Now to find a cheap/free indoor pool to go to. I knew there would be different discomforts with any pregnancy after the first, but this one STINKS! Aside from that my only other pregnancy complaint is he is TOO active. Which also keeps me up at night. Last night Scott was saying he remembered Addilyn being like this too. Which she was very active. But he's active in a different way...if that's possible. According the dr his current position (when looking from my view) his head is up in top left near my ribs and his tail bone is above my pubic bone-ish. So when he kicks, he is kicking my already sore pelvis. And he likes to curl and uncurl himself. Which my internal organs do not appreciate.

And that is the end of my complaining. Other wise I feel great. It's awesome when I can get some sleep, I'm active, I think I look good for the amount of discomfort I'm in. I LOVE that I'm not swelling this time (at least so far, knock on wood). I also love that I'm not sweating when it's 30 outside. (again, so far) And I am finally over my cold that I got back in January. Sickness seems to drag on with pregnancies. I also get such nice compliments from people about how well I wear my pregnancy. Which yes, I am tooting my horn. Because I'm allowed to. If I'm going to be this uncomfortable, I might as well look good while doing it.

P.S. We decided on a name officially. But just like Addi, it will not be disclosed until he makes his debut. :)