Thursday, October 22, 2009

my decorations

My cheap Halloween decoration! I cut cardboard and stationary paper, used paper clips, yellow ribbon, and skewers. Oh ya.

Is anybody out there?

Just curious as to who out there in bloggerland reads our blog! Send a little comment my way so I know we're not talking to just the open internet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oprah Winfrey

I think Oprah runs the country. I was just reading a court case that was against Oprah for one of her shows and she won. That's not my main point, but it got me thinking. Here is an excerpt from my paper:

"It was an interesting case to read though because I have often wondered what real effects an influential source (like Oprah Winfrey) has on people and the economy. I know that anything that Oprah Winfrey has endorsed has had a very positive effect on that product or person. For example her featured books in her book club or her “Favorite Things” show, and even President Obama. I watched the show when Oprah said that he should run for president when he was still the senator of Illinois. The next month, he was a candidate. The next presidential election, he became president."

If you think about it, whatever Oprah has endorsed has changed the economy. She endorses a product, those sales go up. She has an issue about a product, the sales go down. For example: Ugg Boots were once on her Favorite Things show and their sales sky rocketed. Or like the case I was reading about Texan ranchers losing money during the mad cow disease scare. She aired a show about the ordeal over the disease and had experts give their opinions. One specifically sad negative things, and the ranchers lost tons of money. Coincidence? Also, not to mention my example of President Obama. Another famous person we may know is Josh Grobin. Or what about Gail? Oprah's best friend. The list goes on for people Oprah has helped boost their fame. And some more: Dr. Phil (therapist), Dr. Oz (general health doc), Bob Greene (trainer), Nate Burkus (decorator)

Let's face it. Oprah can control the economy and choose our president. Oprah Winfrey runs the country.

Over the weekend...

Over the weekend Scott went to Washington for an ASME Leadership Training. He went with another guy, so he wasn't completely alone. I drove them to the airport Friday morning and raced back to get to my math class at 11:30. He finally got home Sunday around 3:20...not that I was watching the clock or anything. It was great having him back home!
Saturday morning my friend Rebekah and I went to the shooting range to take some pictures of the old buildings. We drove up around 8:45 and there were tons of cars there. Bummer. When we got talking to one of the guys (who was dressed as a cowboy) he said that they were having a cowboy shootout. We joined them and took pictures for both us and for them. We had a blast!! I took some video and tons and tons of pictures. To see them, go to my photo site.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


For our ward relief society party I dressed in my mom's dress. I tried going with an 80's theme because it has the poofy sleeves. I wore lots of make up which emphasizes my white teeth!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I felt the need to decorate for Halloween. So I put up some of our Christmas lights around our window. I figured white would be better than red because that's too Christmas-y. So now we have these lovely lights in our front room. This picture is the view from where I am sitting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Classes of Fall semester

Scott's classes are kicking his butt. Some of them are tougher, and the others are just time consuming! Me on the other hand, well, I'm pretty much just kicking it. I could have taken more classes instead of my 15 credits right now. Scott's favorite class this semester is his New Testament class. His teacher is a Jewish convert and is really excited about the scriptures and puts new twists on everything. Scott comes home and tells me all these crazy things he learned in his class that day. My favorite class would have to be my Advanced Visual Media. It's first of all really putting my new lap top into good use. I also love learning the new programs which will be super helpful in the future. I adore my teacher, she has great style all around and is very knowledgeable. I would say this semester on average between Scott and I is one that is using our talents and draining our minds.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The first snow fall.

Today is the first snow fall in Rexburg. We drove home last night from Provo and it was scary for more than half the trip! It's been going non stop, but it is only about 2-3 inches on a post. Scott popped his front tire on his bike from flipping over it (he's okay!) and I can't ride my bike with any snow or rain because my glasses will get wet and then I can't see! So we walked to school together, sortof. I had to keep walking to the Spori and he turned uphill to go to the Austin. The one thing I have to say thought about this snow, is that it's pretty. Especially when I am inside my apartment drinking hot chocolate (which I broke out our tea kettle last Thursday). Oh how I wish going to school wasn't so cold!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lucy Jean Meldrum

These are pictures that Rachel and Brad gave me and I edited them for them. I'm doing more, but this was just some from today!