Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Let's see. This past month there have been a few fun activities that we did. For one, we got pumpkins. Addilyn was a wild woman running up and down the pumpkin rows. We still play outside because fall here is the best. It's been average 70's during the day. This last weekend of course has changed because of the hurricane (which all we got was wind). The fall is truly my most favorite time of year here. Spring is second, only because it's followed by humidity whereas now it's significantly less humidity. So once again, I'm doing a massive picture throw up on here because that's how I've been rolling for the last several months.
For a while now she knows exactly what to do without us coaching.

Helping daddy put together a car for a co-worker

wasn't scared at all!

I told her to say "cheese" so she said "cheeks!"

Hobby park

It's too hot to have fires in the summer so we take advantage in the fall!


She loves to color

Her BF

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Since when?

Since when did I become a bad blogger? Oh, since my laptop started getting work done. First I had the screen replaced, and then I had the battery replaced. Ever since the battery has been replaced, the internet doesn't work. Eh. My blogging isn't the only thing that's suffering. Since my laptop has my design programs, it's been super inconvenient when it comes to work! I bluetooth the documents that I need to email to my phone. Then from my phone I email it. Really? It's kindof a drag. So today to post pictures, I've emailed the photos from my phone (which is also my camera) so that I could download them to Scott's computer. Okay, now that I'm done venting...Here is an update! (And because of this method of uploading pics, they turned out totally out of order of anything.)

Probably one of my most favorite photos.

 When we forget to take the stroller out of the car, we take her toy stroller and go for a shorter walk that seems to take forever. You could only imagine why!

 She really REALLY likes dirt. We stopped several times for her to lay on her belly and dig at the dirt she found.

Picked the rest of our ripe tomatoes and tasted each .


She likes olives and knows how to eat them right.

 We went to the applefest one Saturday with two of our friends who left that week to go back to Utah. Below is a picture of Megan chowing down on the massive apple funnel cake that all of us shared. It was huge. The apple festival despite it's name, was not very "apple-y" They had two people selling apples, one guy demonstrating a hand crank apple juicer (which we weren't allowed to drink), and then this apple funnel cake. The rest was just flea market type booths and other demonstrations like blacksmithing. It was fun though to get out, and it was free.

 Scott was asked by a coworker to put a car together for a birthday party. Addilyn was so cute helping him. She wasn't scared of the drill at all! I was impressed. She has a car like this that she got from her Grandpa Jadwin for her 1st birthday.

This weekend is also General Conference. This morning we went down to Asheboro to see friends from New York. Paul Nulty was Scott's young mens leader growing up. His daughter lives here and her son got baptized this morning. So we drove down for the festivities. Addilyn was a wild child. She had so much energy she didn't take a nap until 5 ish on our way back home. One of Jen's daughters was so great with her and in fact all of the kids that were there. Addi had the best time. We ate a lot of food, talked, and tried to take naps in between the crazy.