Thursday, July 22, 2010

Colleen and Dallin

Colleen and Dallin will be getting married August 6th in the SLC temple. I took their engagement pictures over a month ago and I loved how they turned out. To see their story, click here to view a show I put together.

Sister Kirkam

I took Aubrey's pictures for her mission about a 2 weeks ago...has it been that long already? It was a lot of fun. She has a blinking problem, but that was the funnest part. I won't post any blinking pictures even though they are really funny!
 Isn't she quite the looker? She'll be making the boys in her mission drool.


Rebekah, Jared, Scott, and I (taking picture) stood out for about a half hour for the 10 year anniversary of our school changing officially over from Ricks to BYU-Idaho. We stood at the top left of the I.


We had some insane clouds about a week or so ago due to a fire out west of us. Everyone was out taking pictures, it was amazing. The second & third picture are from our apartments. Then this last one is of the Spori building on my way to work. What was so amazing was this picture:
There was a defined line of where the smokey clouds were. The wind had been bad that day, which did not help the fire. To read more about it go here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July 2010

Friday night Scott and I went camping at Beaver Dick Park in Rexburg. When we first got there, Scott tossed this football to Grace. She caught it, but then threw it up to her face and gave her a sweet bloody nose. What a trooper!
Afterwards, we went to a field nearby so Grace could fly our kite we brought. Well, it got a little too high and close to a tree. This is Scott up the tree that it got caught in. Yikes!
Jessica Attkisson, Grace, and I had gone to the river at Beaver Dick. It was toasty!
Roasting our delicious marshmallows.
The Seely's putting together their tent. They came pretty late, but we're glad they came! That made it the Ottosen's, Seely's, Attkisson's, and us!

Scott and all of his chopped wood.