Thursday, June 5, 2014


This past Saturday we went to the temple and to the Children's museum in Raleigh. These first pictures are of when Scott went with the kids while I was at the temple, and then we swapped. We bought this pass that gets us into a ton of museums/aquariums/zoo's for free or half off. This one was free. We loved it! I'll just let you scroll through and "ooo" and "ahhh" at them...

These are now from when I went to the museum and Scott was at the temple. As a side note, Levi knocked down every single one of these and laughed hysterically while doing it.

On the way back to the temple to get Scott 
what's in there?

the best pic we got...

because this was happening

me and this good lookin fellow 
photo cred #photobyaddi photo bomb by #levisantics

And the above photo is from our first day back at Bolton Pool for the season! We did it as a playgroup. Below is from our final day of our play/school/group for the "school" year.

lover of watermelon, like his mom 

Memorial Weekend

(the Sunday after London)
Thankfully we had an extra day (thanks to those who serve/have served) with Scott before he had to go back to work. We went strawberry picking in the morning. Which by the way, they were heavenly. Addilyn had so much fun finding all the big ones! And poor Levi was suffering from an ear infection and teething. He was a trooper though.

"they just keep falling into my mouth"
Poor Levi. I posted on Facebook a little bit ago about his teeth. That he had gained about 6 new teeth in 3 weeks time. Well, I lied. It's more like 8. His entire top has practically come in. I don't know if there is anymore room for any top ones. But he still only has his two bottom teeth. At least, I think so. I don't like sticking my fingers in his mouth (hence the 8 teeth situation...) His only symptom I believe was his ear infection. The cold was just a side thing, which Scott and I both contracted.
at the DR's for Levi.
 Addilyn finally came out of her shell at the library. She was front and center dancing and having a grand ole time. She even made a friend/dancing partner.

Levi hates the water. But this will change. Mark my words. While Addilyn enjoyed the sprinklers we just sat in a camping chair and watched. He doesn't even like his toes getting wet....

that hair
you can see a few bumps on top if you look closely