Thursday, May 15, 2014

Levi's ONE

(These pictures uploaded backwards...) Levi turned ONE on May 13. Most, actually, all of the celebrations were Saturday the 10th. He even opened all his family presents that same day instead of his birthday. We had so much fun at the party. It was for both him and Addilyn. The whole morning we were worried it was going to rain which would have been a huge bummer since all our plans were for outside. 

The party was very similar to Addilyn's 1st birthday party. We ate in our driveway and played in the backyard. We had the sprinkler, water balloon games, and a parachute to play with. Everyone brought side dishes and we had the grill going and otter pops with cupcakes for dessert. It was ridiculously humid- but it didn't rain!! The sun came out and everything.

Addilyn knew exactly what to do. She was shushing everyone so that we could sing Happy Birthday to her. Can you see the smile on her face?? She blew the candles out like a professional. 

Levi inhaled his cupcake. Addilyn wasn't even half done when he was finished. I think he enjoyed it!

I am so proud of these cupcakes. I finally got the frosting right and they even frosted beautifully. They were delicious!
Relay game with water balloons

Here are a few statistics about Levi-
Height- 30" at 56%
Weight- 22.07# at 68%
Head- 18.5" at 76%

-bath time
-anything that makes noise
-anything Addilyn is playing with
-FOOD (loves graham crackers, peanut butter, BANANAS)
-destroying any laundry pile
-playing in the dirt
-dogs, loves dogs

Some cute things:
-Levi eats ALL the time. And he's mad if you're not feeding him and you are eating. Like, scream at you until you feed him mad.
-He dances by leaning his upper body side to side
-If you catch him looking at you and you smile, he throws you a huge grin and coyly looks away
-Levi can go up and down the stairs like a boss. But he still is figuring out how to turn around before going down so he's starting feet first rather than head....
-He gets super hot when he sleeps
-Levi cuddles. I mean lean into you and cuddle type cuddles. I LOVE it.
-He knows when his sister is gone and goes to town doing things she doesn't like him doing

- He naps 30 minutes in the morning and ranges 1-2 hours with some help in the afternoon
- Yesterday was his last time nursing in the morning which was the last thing to ween him from
- Did I mention he loves to eat?
- He poops seriously all the time. I don't know how he gains weight with how much he poops.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Addilyn's Birthday weekend

Dan Nicholas park. Where have you been all our life??! Saturday May 3 we headed to Salisbury which was about 40 minutes from our house. It could not have been a more beautiful day. It was 70, no humidity, barely there breeze perfection. When we pulled up Levi was still snoozing his morning nap so we drove around the park. There are 70 campsites, a lake with paddle boats, tennis courts, a massive playground (and I mean massive!!) and so much more.
This gem of a place has a few amazing things. One included a train we could ride. It was a short 5 minute ride but it was the coolest thing for kids. And it was only...$1 each and Levi was free (because he is still under 12 months).

Ultimately our whole day cost $10. We brought our own lunch and ate it under the shade. It was the best $10 we have spent in a long time! The majority of the place you could enjoy with out spending a penny.

another shot of the playground
aquarium which included a few reptiles
diamond back
This guy came out and brought his personal snakes out. He's just there to answer questions but a girl was asking questions and he was so nice. Addilyn really wanted to touch it...ya no.
the aquarium is free
the petting barnyard (though they recommend to not...)

Addilyn LOVED the carousal. She was so excited to ride a horse. Levi enjoyed it too of course.

family selfie
Sunday May 4th was Addilyn's actual birthday. In the morning we opened was the only way to get her out of bed. We sort of bombarded her singing happy birthday and she was still sleepy. She opened all her presents by 7:45am.

new jammies

Addilyn knew exactly what to do. She was waiting for the moment when we could sing to her and she could blow out the candles. This girl is THREE. And oh how I love her so. Some things about her:

foods: curry, fruit, noodles dressed in anything, pizza, sweets of course
songs: anything Disney, "E-I-O" aka Old MacDonald, nursery songs, monkeys jumping on the bed...
books: Frozen....and every book out there
tv shows: The Magic School Bus, Curious George, Barney
toys: doll house and all it's trinkets, dressing up in her "Cinderella" dress, cars
activity: dancing and singing in the front room to Disney Pandora station
animal: dogs
drink: milk
outdoor activity: geocaching & swimming

Some other favorites:
-loving on her brother
-tickle fights
-sing everywhere
-kiss Levi on the forehead when he's fallen asleep in the car and we are getting out
-she often demands to go to Costco or Target
-If I say no to the first demands ^^ she asks to go to a friends house
-If that's a no ^ it's to a park, and then repeats the cycle
-getting chased
-dogs, puppies, and dogs

My favorites about Addilyn:
-she takes "quiet time" in the afternoon AKA nap time for 2 hours
-she is STUNNING
-she's excellent at going to bed
-her vocab is getting more and more
-phrases like "shake your boot-ay" and "work it! work it!"
-she sings words to songs and when she doesn't know them she slurrs until it's back to what she knows
-phrases like "Addi awake!!!" and when she describes her poo to us

Her 3 yr Dr appointment is on Thursday along with Levi's 1 yr apt. Woo! So stats will come then for those who are just dying to know.