Thursday, August 28, 2008

Traveling across state

Today is day 2...(or is it 3?) in the land of Rexburg, Idaho. The past few days have been a blur-unpacking, finding places to put things, listing things we need, and driving around. The first night being here, Scott and I both had to use the bathroom so bad....but had no toilet paper! Well, I won't say what we did instead, but we found alternatives.
Scott did most of the driving, I think I did about 1 1/2 hours. We drove about 9 hours the first day and stayed in a sweet hotel that Shirley "Pricelined" for us in Boise. We got up and left for Burley, Idaho- one of the areas Scott served in while on his mission. It was pretty cool being able to go to his old areas and hear some of his interesting stories. We visited the Baileys, a family that Scott had baptized and since then have been super active serving in several callings.
We arrived in Rexburg at about 8 or so after we stopped in Idaho Falls for dinner. Our apartment is huge!!! The only couple downfalls are 1)the interesting mix and match of carpets (some new, some nasty orange) 2) the shower head is about 5'7" tall (I am 5'8" and Scott is 6') and 3) Scott told me about these hobo spiders that apparently run at you and come from the floor boards. Since then I've had dreams of these running/flying spiders coming at me. Thank you Scott.

Until next time.