Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm just going to post some of our honeymoon pictures. We had a blast. We stayed in Santa Monica for about a week.

A Bug's Life

September 11, 2008
Early this morning around 6 AM I stumbled into the bathroom to get ready. As I sat down to do my morning business, I noted a black beetle kicking and screaming (okay maybe not screaming, but you could imagine...) on it's back right infront of me. First I said, "EW Scott! Come get this bug and kill it!!!" Well, he ended up not wanting to and wanted to see if it could turn itself over. And that's where it all began.

I came home about 11 AM or so and once again, sat down to do some business at home. I saw this beetle and it wasn't moving. I thought maybe it had just died and when I was done I would pick it up with toilet paper. Well, as I was still sitting finishing up, I grabbed some tp and then the beetle started tweaking out. I figured it's time hasn't come yet and is still battling. We'll see how he is when we get back tonight. When I came back to school I updated Scott on how the bug was doing.

Tonight I sat on the lid of the toilet and painted my toes with the bathroom door open where I could see Scott lying in bed reading his wondrous math book. I also still had a view of this beetle. By now this bug is totally exhausted and only it's back legs are really working at any speed worth noticing. I told Scott that the beetle was still kicking and he hopped out of bed and both of us are on our knees examining the helpless beetle. Scott then decided he'd put him out of his misery and flip him back on his feet.

You'd think that this would have brought light to this bug. But it did not. I told Scott that we should mark where he started and see where he is in the morning. He was moving so slow and dragging his face since his back legs seemed to only really work. I stood up and grabbed 2 q-tips. One near his back end and one in the front to the side a little bit. After about 30 seconds after I had put his markers down, the beetle flipped himself over once again onto his back.

I told Scott that he had done this and then he called the beetle a moron.

September 12, 2008
It is a sad day for the life of a bug. Another comrade has fallen. We do not know what time in the night this little beetle took it's last kick, but it was by 6AM. The beetle made no progress from it's q-tip markers and may have just gave up hope once it realized that he screwed himself by flipping back over. And now it is time that I go and take some toilet paper, and put him to his new residency in the bathroom garbage.