Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving & a baby blessing

Thanksgiving was crazy! It all started with the family trekking in from Atlanta (they had been there for the first part of the week) Wednesday night. We had the Busby's, Western's, and part of the Smith's all crash at our house. Every inch of the house was in use- but it was a blast! The pictures I have are all from Anika's smashing new camera. I didn't get the ones from the park when we went and played kick ball (so hopefully she'll post those on her blog:) ). Other than that, these are highlights from our weekend. Thanksgiving was on the porch, the kids played with Cabo, the tree house, and the leaves, we went on a walk, played kickball, and ate a whole mess of food.
Kayla reading to Addilyn

Cabo enjoyed is playmates

Addi and Darren

Playing outside (Kayla, Luke, Olivia, Gunnar, Cabo)

The big leaf pile Scott made

On our walk

Taking turns walking Cabo

At the park

Grandma and Addi

Grandpa making the gravy

Keith and his coconut cream pie

Kid's table

Adult table

Shirley doing her thing

One of the many meals

Eila on her special day

A little self timer can't hurt anyone!

Those in the blessing

The brothers (minus 3)

Color coordinating


Afton looking all cute


You'd never know she's pregnant!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tonight's feature presentation:

Of course it's all about Addilyn! So the video of her in the mirror...she had been going crazy for a while by the time I thought of recording her. With a combination of me holding her differently then I was previously (not in one arm) and me recording her, she was a little distracted and tuned down her excitement. If you could imagine she tuned it down! Then her in the bath was a continuation of her crazy self.
Her latest stats: at 6 months and 6 days, Addilyn was 15lbs 2oz in the 33rd percentile and 27 in, in the 80something percentile. Long and lean. She has expanded her taste pallet now to sweet potato, peas, banana, and carrot. She sits up like a pro (if you couldn't tell by the bath video) and is getting stronger and stronger. She is really close to crawling. Addi will hold herself up with her arms but not use her legs, and then she'll use her legs but not her arms....soooo close. My guess is that if she isn't scooting around by Thanksgiving, then her cousins will teach her how!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 6 months!

Today on Addilyn's 6 month birthday, I noticed a little white spot on her gum...oh man! Teeth here we come!
Someone tell me her eyes aren't brown? Scott won't give in.

This was how the majority of her photo session went, more interested in other things.

photos taken by yours truly.