Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The home stretch

Today marks one week until regular school days are done and testing days begin. Today also marks 26 days until our due date. This last Monday marked 3 years ago Scott proposed to me. (thought I'd throw that one into there)

Last night we went to Grad night, one of the free things we get to go to for graduating. The majority of the other activities we have to pay for. It was with President Clark, the head hauncho for our school. We sat next to some friends and a companion of Scott's from his mission. The highlight from President Clark's talk was from his own life experience. He talked about in August 1968 when he arrived in Southern Germany for his mission. Three days later Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. He spoke about how powerful the Soviet Union seemed to everyone. He said if anyone had told him the Soviet Union would disappear back then, that they were crazy. And so it did a few years later. He brought up the Berlin wall and the same impossible feelings of it ever going away...and yet it did. He said that those things he never thought would happen in his lifetime, did. The same is going to happen to us. In our life time, the impossible is going to happen. He referred to the things in Egypt- their leader of 30 years just going away in a matter of a couple weeks- as an example of the impossible. There are things we can't even imagine because to us, it's impossible for it to happen. He brought up how the hand of God is in everything, even the impossible.

I will be posting more pictures with the finishing of school. But here is one with Scott and his hydraulic baja. This was his capstone project for his class. They painted it last night, so there are going to be updated pictures. They are having their "open house" Thursday afternoon.
As for other news, I have mentioned above that I have 26 days until our due date. My "practice" contractions, or better known as Braxton Hicks contractions have gotten a bit more painful, lasting longer, and frequent. No, I'm not in labor. The doctor said that this was if anything great news. It's only going to make labor easier (if it can be!) I am gigantic and not fitting in a lot of my clothes. My big blue snow jacket has been the only one that can fit so far and is now difficult to zip. I bought my first maternity shirt the other weekend. I've been lucky enough to borrow or be given clothes so far. But I needed a shirt that I could present in. I hope it still fits by Monday for my presentation.
Oh yes, and for graduation- Scott is apart of our convocation (he was asked to give the opening prayer). And I get to receive the Newel K. Whitney Scholar Award for being awesome. There is only 15 people in my department that receive the award. We have to be nominated by 4 teachers and fit certain requirements. Toot toot! (me tooting my horn)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kung Fu Fighting

It's a little blurry because the camera won't focus that close to me. This little girl is quite the fighter. I've been trying to record her movements, but most times as soon as I start to she stops. She's a little shy when I try and show her off. I know I'm showing skin...but it was the best way for you to see her activities.
*If you focus on my belly button you can get a good view of what I see on a daily/hourly bases.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday I got an email from the school with a schedule of graduation events. As of today, we only have 3 solid weeks of school. Then the 4th week we only have like 3 days of classes. Thursday and Friday of that last week are finals days. My only finals are in my online classes, which there are two. I don't know about Scott. Both of us have our capstone classes due sooner than finals because we have our own presentations. My feelings include: stress, relief, excitement (on many levels), anticipation, stress, and again, stress! We have a lot to do before the end. But it is in sight!! Did I mention the snow is melting?

I think realizing all of this gave Scott another kick in the pants that he needs to get a job, fast! We've been contacting everyone we can think of and applying to where those people work. The good news is that we still have a ton of people to contact and places to apply to. Last night both Scott and I were applying for jobs- him at Areva and me at Shaw (for him of course). A part of our what is fueling our hopes is that there are so many, I repeat, SO many jobs for mechanical engineers (especially entry level). This is even in a pooey economy. Last night I applied to 13 open entry level positions alone. They of course ranged from Charlotte, NC to Stoughton MA. That leads me to my other thought about our applying for work...we can go anywhere anywhere anywhere.

Scott smashed his finger in a tool drawer. I got a text one day saying, "I think I broke my finger". I replied, "Do I need to come get you." He said, "No I think I'll be okay" and I left it at that. That being said, here is his finger the day he did it and then about a week or so after.

I'm sorry I had to expose you to that. But those are his wishes.

This week I have gone to the chiropractor twice. Then I will be seeing him once a week until about 6 weeks after I deliver. I was really nervous about going because well, out of all the doctors I've seen in my life (which is a lot) I've never been to a professional back popper. That is really all he did. But I must say, I walked normally after ward. It didn't last long, but I did not waddle for several hours. It was in fact a lot easier to get around for most of the day. He even has this special table for OB patients. The front drops down to make room for bellies. It has all different levels depending on how far a long you are. For me he drops it all the way down...thanks.

As for other news, I'm still pregnant. Today puts me at 33 weeks and 4 days. Or 8 months and a week. I still have 45 days left, according to the pregnancy counter on the left of this page. However by the time you read it it may be less. So besides my back being popped, our other news is we think we decided on a name. Unfortunately, you will not know until she is wiggling outside of me (the day I dream of). Speaking of wiggling, our doctor yesterday was joking with us about how active she is. He was saying hopefully our child is not the one swinging from the lights in preschool. With our luck, she will! Aside from that she's growing and I'm growing right on schedule.

Heartburn, annoying jabs for 6 hours straight, waddling (not after the chiro!), being extremely hot, swollen hands, sleeping sitting up or with a pillow for the under my belly for support, stretching skin, an unsuppressed appetite, peeing at least twice a night, and the list could go on....will soon be over. I can't wait to meet her and instantly forget all the joys of pregnancy. I must say though, all of the things I complain about are really not bad. I'm not the extreme of any of them (well maybe the being hot part).

This funny looking mirror picture is for you dad (grandpa). I bet you never thought your massively pregnant daughter would be wearing your shirt from college. I have a couple more of your shirts with CalState Northridge on them. This is also for you because you teased me about wearing the Baseball 101 shirt!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rexburg Baby Shower

This past Saturday my friends gave me a baby shower here in Rexburg. It was at the Kirkam's house. (We sure love that family!) It was hosted by Robbie and Rebekah. The pictures speak for themselves. I'll just say that I got a couple of funny looks when I was getting the mixes for our Italian Sodas. The mixes were in the alcohol section.
These last two pictures are from order of due date. Sally and Ashley on the left are due the same day, April 18. Then Kendra on the end is due in August!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video Clips from our trip

Short clips from our trip. They all average about 15 seconds long.

Trip Part 5

Now I'm back from my shower. Here is the rest of our trip!
 So the funny part about Monument Valley is we all went for Jared. He really really wanted to go. Again, it's owned by the Navajos, so it was pricey and not well kept. We truly appreciate our government and the way that they take care of our National Parks.
 The roads were terrible. We bottomed out several times. I was also not feeling hot. If I remember right, the one below is a camel. Or maybe it was the elephant?
 Here's to you Jared and your Monument Valley!
 We stayed the night in Moab after we left Lake Powell. We hiked a loop (long long loop) that sees several famous arches. The trail was pretty intense, going on ridges and what not. And look! There's an arch in the distance behind us (pic above) These pictures are mixed up, but they basically show the same things.
 We spent two days hiking in Arches. It was really hot!!! Did I mention I was pregnant?
 Some cool steps. You'd see these now and then in the trails.
 Delicate Arch was our day 2 hike. That hike was SO hot because there was zero shade. Rebekah and I were slow and steady. We had tons of water and it came in handy.
 Below was called Fiery something.
 Landscape Arch

 This was from our hike to Delicate Arch. It was the only shade, and as you can see I made it work.

Trip Part 4

Okay, I'm back from dinner. Here are some more from Newport.
 A random guy dragging this massive wooden cross.
 Uncle Gary took all of us to the Nethercut Museum. This guy has a bajillion cars that are all in pristine condition. They are all road ready too! Here am I with my favorite, the Rolls Royce Phantom. Scott is with a sweet one that I don't remember the name of.

On the top couple floors they have these instruments that are self playing. There was a massive organ, some violins, complete orchestras, etc. We got to listen to just about all of them. It was so cool.

When we left California, we went to the Grand Canyon the southern rim. 
 There were a bunch of elk in our camp site and they were totally chill. Later that night we had one literally in our site where our tents were. He was taller than our car by several feet.
 That night we found out we were pregnant. In a very classy campground bathroom I peed on a stick, and Scott and I tried to read it with a headlamp.
 We then made our way to Paige Arizona. This spot is called the horse shoe. On our way to and from the horse shoe we went lizard hunting and found a lot.

 There had been thunder storms and rain, so our trip to the Glen Canyon Dam was postponed until later that day. We occupied our time with another small hike to this place called "Hanging Gardens". Jared and Scott had ran ahead which left Rebekah and I to somehow find our way there. Let's just say the trail was not well marked.
 We finally got to go on the tour of the dam. Here is a retired generator.
 There's the dam! We went all the way down to the bottom where the green is. We rode an elevator down and our ears popped.
 Lake Powell
 Our camping friends Jared and Rebekah

Our dirt. lol. That night since we were leaving the next day we decided to go swimming. Not only did we go swimming, but we went in Lake Powell with stars. It was quite romantic yet creepy because we couldn't see very much with no lights!
 We then paid a LOT of money to go to the famous Antelope Canyon. It's own by the Navajo Indians (that's why it cost so much). There were hundreds of Europeans and then us in these caves.
 The crazy truck ride to and from.