Thursday, December 18, 2008


Scott had surgery Monday the 15th. He had a tonsilectomy and a septioplasty...aka his tonsils were infected and he got a nose job! He's been doing really well- drinking, eating jello and pudding, and taking lots of meds! We were able to borrow a humidifier which has been helping him greatly. We've just been watching movies and I read to him. Tomorrow he's getting the stents out of his nose. That will be exciting! He said the first day he could breath better already. But now his nose is plugged from dripping blood- I know, attractive. His throat is killing him, but he's being a trooper and last night ate some spagetti. woo!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


For break, Scott and I went to my house in Stanwood. We left Saturday morning, even though Scott's tonsils were hurting him again. That night we met Mariah for the first time. She's awesome for my brother. Sunday morning we went to the walk-in clinic before church. Scott's pariotonsiler absest is back. This time it was bigger then ever and had already started to drain. He got drugs for the week. That night we went to my dad's house and stayed there for a couple days. We drove my step mom to the airport on Monday and spent the day driving the west coast with my dad. Tuesday was a nice relaxing day- Scott did his homework and I vegged on the couch which I never do anymore. It was a well needed rest. We also went back to my moms to get my doggie, who spent the night Monday night. Cabo, Scott and I went back to my mom's Wednesday afternoon. The rest of the week was spent eating, cleaning, and doing a puzzle. That Saturday we drove back. It was a lovely week. I got to do Mariah's hair and take pictures of them.
Now that we're back, we went to the doctor for Scott's tonsils again. He prescribed the heavy duty stuff and we saw the Ears Nose and Throat doc yesterday morning. He's going to have his tonsils removed and then at the same time the doc is going to fix Scott's nose so he can breath better! Woop woop!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My big brother's getting hitched

Well, my brother got engaged Wednesday night on his birthday. Her name is Mariah Dahl- but soon to get a cooler last name. They plan to get married on January 31, 2009....a little over 2 months away! Good luck with their planning!
On Halloween, Scott and I went down to Idaho Falls with some friends to go trick-or-treating. We went as Napoleon and Pedro. We looked amazing. Anywho, we're just trudging along with our school now that it's starting to get uberly busy with the end of the semester coming. We are SO excited to go home for Thanksgiving in Washington. I can't wait to see my dog Cabo- which I hear is gaining weight..
Scott's birthday was the 8th, we went to the temple in the morning, he studied during the day, and then we went to a formal dance at the school. It was lots of fun dressing up and going dancing. He's 23 now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today marks our 2 months! whoop whoop!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Rush.

Scott is busy busy busy. He's first of all going to school full time, working in the mechanical lab, playing competetive ultimate frisbee, and married to me. I am trying to keep myself busy. I have only 4 classes, in which I am ahead in what I can be. I also don't have a job-there's not enough jobs for how many students there are here in Rexburg. Poey.
Confrence weekend was a blast! Scott and I drove down with another couple and stayed with Anika and Keith for the two nights. We watched Saturday morning with the Busby's and then went to the Saturday afternoon session, which was awesome. That night we played an intense game of Settlers with Anika, Keith, Rachel, and Brad. Sunday morning Scott and I were able to go watch conf. at the Whites! house. That was the best. I was so excited. I hadn't seen them in 2 1/2 years. Meleana is pregnant and I hadn't seen Kainoa her son yet! I only saw her when she was 6 mo pregnant. He's absolutely adorable.
Anywho, another week her in the Burg. Nothing too exciting, just figuring out life as it comes.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm just going to post some of our honeymoon pictures. We had a blast. We stayed in Santa Monica for about a week.

A Bug's Life

September 11, 2008
Early this morning around 6 AM I stumbled into the bathroom to get ready. As I sat down to do my morning business, I noted a black beetle kicking and screaming (okay maybe not screaming, but you could imagine...) on it's back right infront of me. First I said, "EW Scott! Come get this bug and kill it!!!" Well, he ended up not wanting to and wanted to see if it could turn itself over. And that's where it all began.

I came home about 11 AM or so and once again, sat down to do some business at home. I saw this beetle and it wasn't moving. I thought maybe it had just died and when I was done I would pick it up with toilet paper. Well, as I was still sitting finishing up, I grabbed some tp and then the beetle started tweaking out. I figured it's time hasn't come yet and is still battling. We'll see how he is when we get back tonight. When I came back to school I updated Scott on how the bug was doing.

Tonight I sat on the lid of the toilet and painted my toes with the bathroom door open where I could see Scott lying in bed reading his wondrous math book. I also still had a view of this beetle. By now this bug is totally exhausted and only it's back legs are really working at any speed worth noticing. I told Scott that the beetle was still kicking and he hopped out of bed and both of us are on our knees examining the helpless beetle. Scott then decided he'd put him out of his misery and flip him back on his feet.

You'd think that this would have brought light to this bug. But it did not. I told Scott that we should mark where he started and see where he is in the morning. He was moving so slow and dragging his face since his back legs seemed to only really work. I stood up and grabbed 2 q-tips. One near his back end and one in the front to the side a little bit. After about 30 seconds after I had put his markers down, the beetle flipped himself over once again onto his back.

I told Scott that he had done this and then he called the beetle a moron.

September 12, 2008
It is a sad day for the life of a bug. Another comrade has fallen. We do not know what time in the night this little beetle took it's last kick, but it was by 6AM. The beetle made no progress from it's q-tip markers and may have just gave up hope once it realized that he screwed himself by flipping back over. And now it is time that I go and take some toilet paper, and put him to his new residency in the bathroom garbage.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Traveling across state

Today is day 2...(or is it 3?) in the land of Rexburg, Idaho. The past few days have been a blur-unpacking, finding places to put things, listing things we need, and driving around. The first night being here, Scott and I both had to use the bathroom so bad....but had no toilet paper! Well, I won't say what we did instead, but we found alternatives.
Scott did most of the driving, I think I did about 1 1/2 hours. We drove about 9 hours the first day and stayed in a sweet hotel that Shirley "Pricelined" for us in Boise. We got up and left for Burley, Idaho- one of the areas Scott served in while on his mission. It was pretty cool being able to go to his old areas and hear some of his interesting stories. We visited the Baileys, a family that Scott had baptized and since then have been super active serving in several callings.
We arrived in Rexburg at about 8 or so after we stopped in Idaho Falls for dinner. Our apartment is huge!!! The only couple downfalls are 1)the interesting mix and match of carpets (some new, some nasty orange) 2) the shower head is about 5'7" tall (I am 5'8" and Scott is 6') and 3) Scott told me about these hobo spiders that apparently run at you and come from the floor boards. Since then I've had dreams of these running/flying spiders coming at me. Thank you Scott.

Until next time.