Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 weeks old!

Addi going to church for the first time. I was nervous that she was going to have one of her really loud explosive sounding poos during the quite part of church. But no, she reserved that for Relief Society. The teacher even stopped talking- it was really long sounding but when I went to change her it was like nothing. Silly girl.
She had an appointment on Monday. She's still perfect and since her birth weight she has gained 1.1 pounds! I told you she was a muncher. The picture below is a partial smile. She does these random smiles here and there. These pictures are from waiting in the doctors office.
My dad left the 20th which has left Scott and I alone for the first time with Addilyn. The past few nights I've been having Scott wake up once to feed her which has been really nice for me! I get to sleep a couple more hours in a row. As for eventful moments for Addi (besides Sunday's ultimate poo/fart experience) she has slept the longest for 6 hours, once. Today she sprayed poo on me when I was lifting her up to put a new diaper under her. She loves taking showers and being warm. Her legs are always straight rather than curled up like newborns usually like. When she stretches she is super cute and looks like the middle picture (she knows she's got some win in her...Jadwin that is) She is really an easy baby and hasn't had any problems. She only cries when she is hungry or cold or her binky fell out and she wants it again.

We move Saturday. Originally it was Friday, but the movers are overloaded and had to postpone us by a day. Our car is still getting picked up on Friday so we still had to get our rental car early. We couldn't get a van. No one wants to give up their vans that won't be returned since we're dropping it off in North Carolina. We'll be styling in a Chevy Traverse instead

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Addilyn's photo shoot

Above are edited photos. Below are not, but still cute! She's such a babe.

Special thanks to Rebekah Seely- she took the photos with me in them, and I took the rest. What a beautiful family I have!

Rebekah and Jared

I returned the favor and took Rebekah and Jared's maternity pictures today. They are adorable. Here is a small sampler of their photos. Some may look familiar because we took some at the same location. These are not edited, just what I took. They've been in our top favorite people here in Rexburg. We're sad to leave them- but Rebekah is from Chattanooga Tennessee, which is about 5 hours from where we'll be living. Yay!

 Isn't she just stunning? She's due June 4th.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The last 2 weeks

 4 days old
 4 days old, hanging out with dad on the floor
Grandma Jadwin and Addilyn (1 week, 1 day) posing for the camera. Grandma left Saturday morning the 14th after staying for 3 weeks. Unfortunately most of the 3 weeks was with a very pregnant daughter waiting to have a granddaughter.
 Addilyn looking adorable after a shower. 1 week, 4 days
Addi got her hearing checked again after not passing her right ear at the hospital. She passed with flying colors. No hearing problems here! It really just confirmed that she is all around perfect.
In her Sunday best- it may need some time to grow into
Grandpa Jadwin came in Sunday and has been hanging out with Addilyn. Here she is 1 week and 6 days. Also on this day, her newest cousin was born! Charlie was born to Rachel and Brad Meldrum on May 17. We realized that Addilyn will have 5 cousins born within a year of her starting with Jaxson Jadwin and ending with another Jadwin in the late fall.
Addilyn today- 2 weeks old. She toured the BYU-I campus with grandpa today and is now taking a nap with grandpa. Mom will be soon to follow :)
I'm still trying to get her eyes to turn brown with subtle messages to Addi- we'll see how that goes.