Friday, August 21, 2009


These photos are done by Megan Riley. Some of them are edited by her and others by me. She has been doing these silly girls photo shoots with girls from my ward and friends. The three themes that I have been involved in is: balloonies, western, paint. Enjoy the pictures! Again, thank you Megan! Go to her blog: Photobucket


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Past few days

Scott and I drove to Utah Friday night and picked up my mom from the Salt Lake airport. That night we went to Patti White's house and stayed up talking. We met Meleana's baby for the first time. He is named after is loved Uncle Sam (who passed away in August 2002). He is a beautiful baby, 4 months old, and loves to smile! In the morning we went to Scott's cousin's sealing and then to the reception. We ate soooo much food. Later that day we went to the creamery in Provo, and played games at Uncle Vernon's. In the morning we had wonderful breakfast from Patti, and took off to Rachel and Brad's church for Lucy's baby blessing. The blessing was lovely. I think the best part was that our families took up about 6 or so long rows. It was great! After changing our clothes we departed from the White's and went to a luncheon for the blessing. Rachel's baby is adorable! I will post pictures. 

Monday, August 10, 2009

1 Year!

Yesterday was mine and Scott's one year anniversary! It was on a Sunday, so it was a little hard to plan things to do. But Friday Scott took off work in the afternoon and we went to the gardens and picked some massive beets, lots of green beans, peas, and some lettuce. The rest of the afternoon was very relaxed and we watched a movie, napped, and ate huckleberry ice cream shakes. The original plan for the weekend was to go camping, however the weather forecast was rain rain rain! Saturday morning we left to go to the Palisades. We saw the dam and ate lunch near by. We went to the dam store, which is a place Scott has been wanting to go. It was raining the whole time so we didn't go on the planned hike. On our way back home we stopped by Rigby and went to the museum they have there. They feature Philo T. Farnsworth, an uncle down the line in Scott's family, who invented the technology for the TV. The museum was actually pretty cool. One of the ladies we talked to while we were there actually had her picture in some of the things there! After the museum we drove around looking for Big Juds and had dinner there. That night we went to Katie & Chewy Shakespear's for a round of games and lemon bars. Sunday morning on our actual annivesary, we went to church. After church we had fajitas and went to Mesa Falls. After the falls Scott wanted to drive around looking for any kind of wildlife. For dinner we had cod and watched our video that we had played at our reception. Afterwards Scott had to go find his present, which was a video I made for him! I will post the video along with some pictures from our weekend in my next entry!