Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life in pictures

Levi in the morning, by himself for once.
Lovin on her brother
I for sure lucked out with the transition from one baby to two. Addilyn has never shown serious signs of resentment, jealously, or acted out in any way. She has always loved on her brother. She has her moments...which is usually when I'm feeding Levi and she is in desperate need of attention.
Her silly face she learned from a book
Doing laundry can be tricky with wee ones. A lot of times it is still in the basket. I do credit myself that when it is in the basket, it's folded. :) However this picture below is not a good example.

Addilyn decided to empty her room into our front room.

Addilyn's hair is so so long. Before bed she was distracted with reading her books and let me braid her hair. The right side is not as good because she kept looking at her dad. But I was pretty proud of myself! This picture went on facebook so it's probably pretty familiar to most. 
 This last Saturday Scott had to work. He had to run a test for a program. We were able to watch it too! Here is Addi in the break room getting ready to watch it. It was pretty neat to see Scott in action.

 Our Sunday family walk. Addilyn has been loving making her silly face. She makes it and then asks for a picture. She does the same thing when she has her shoes on. AKA my new heels I bought. She puts them on and then poses and walks around in them. She's actually pretty good. Those pictures are at the bottom of this post.

Since Scott has been testing, he's been having to get in at 7am. This makes it super inconvenient for us to take the car if we want it. Monday morning we were out. Since nothing opens until at earliest 8am, we went to one of my favorite places here, Reynolda Village. The gardens there are so beautiful. And free. Which I also like.

My heart melts.

Goodwill opens at 8. We were there. In the shoe isle my eye was captured by some shoes. I turned around and this is what I found. I tell you. This girl, loves her shoes. Especially heels. But what little girl doesn't?

At home with my new heels

Making a decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body - Elizabeth Stone
Oh the last days of summer. We have loved going to the pool this summer. They close Labor Day and with the weather we have been having, this might have been our last trip. The water was freezing because it's been getting so cold at night. But here are some pictures of Addi eating her watermelon. I know, she is the most documented child you'll ever know. She is just so darn cute.

How Levi enjoys the pool

In mommies new heels

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Can I first say, I love my iPhone!! It takes the best photos. At night I lay in bed showing Scott all the pictures/photos I took that day. :)

Levi is 3 months old. Where has the time gone? I tell you, one of the funnest things to me about having my babies almost exactly 2 years apart is that they are the same age at the same time of year (just 2 yrs apart).
Smooch 3mo old
Wednesday nights when Scott is off at scouts, my friend Maddison has been coming over. We decided to make it pinterest night. Our first official projects are with a bunch of glass bottles from her grandparents house. The one on the left is just for aesthetics. Mine is the middle and Maddi's is on the right.

We have had a few beautiful days. Low-mid 70's and 50% humidity. So I decided I'd tend to a part of our yard we've been avoiding. Addi was a great help. Levi just hung out in one of his bouncers.

long hair!

Out to eat
Addilyn is in the "just right" phase. I've been dreading it. From my parenting classes and online blogs, it's not the most fun stage. It makes bed time tragic. Saying family prayers turn into tantrums. She won't let anyone else pray and hers if you let her are forever long. And silent. I'm not kidding. Like 5 minutes. And that's a long time on your knees!!!!! Yesterday she had to have her blanket like this...and it was miserable if it wasn't.

teaching her while she's young

Did I mention she loves her cars?
There are some videos I want to post but they don't seem to want to. So hopefully I can do a post with all videos soon!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Scott and I celebrated 5 whole years on Friday. Can you believe it? Neither can we. Five years and two babies later. If you asked me 5 years ago where I saw myself... I can tell you I would only be dreaming if it was anything like it is now.
Scott and I aren't real gifters. We'd rather go do something. That something usually is eat food. :) Friday night I showed him a picture/movie video I made of the last 5 years. Don't worry, it was only 10 minutes long. Saturday though friends of ours babysat Addi and Levi while Scott and I went out for lunch. The best seafood ever. Well, since last year in Charleston. It was sooo good. If only we knew about this place before :) Our waiter let us just hang out after we were done. He said since we had two kids we should just relax right now. If only he knew it was our anniversary- maybe we would have gotten a free dessert??

 Sunday morning and Levi looked so handsome. Addilyn was jealous he getting his picture taken, so that one is of her eating toast with pesto.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A little bit of this & that

Addilyn is completely potty trained. She one day just decided while we were out that she would actually hold it. When we weren't at home she'd be in a diaper/pull up because she'd tell us she had to go, but 99% of the time she would just go in her diaper. But one day on our way to dropping off Scott to work she said that magic word, potty! And I of course tried to talk her into not going until we were at a potty. So we dropped Scott off and went to Target. As we walked in I asked her (believing she had already gone) if she needed to go. Well wouldn't you know it, she hadn't yet! All day we were in and out of the bathrooms. Every time she went. It's been over a week since then and she's only wearing diapers when she sleeps. Ahhhhhhhh sigh of relief....
homemade popsicles!
Addi lined all her toys up with Levi.
Tickle tickel Levi! (2.5 mo)
Loves giving him smooches
Love his smiles!
Below: We went to Hickory last Saturday to visit Erik & Kayla. They moved down there now too long ago for a new job. We went to a very, uhmm, southern themed restaurant. It was pretty good food. Scott loved his fried chicken and waffles...
the jam was toooo diiiiiiiiiiie for.

So themed, I took a picture of the bathroom
We went to the park while down there. Scott and Erik played some frisbee golf until Kayla and I called them cause we were too hot. We sweated it out with the babes.
Alexis & Levi (Addi was super jealous she was in there with him)
First date. And for the record, Alexis made the first move...

Addi has some of the most beautiful hair. And she loves to make it pretty.
Above: Addilyn loves to play airplane. And she demands we all take a turn being the airplane. She's too fun. And below: Pesto...we have 25234235 plants of basil. Scott wanted to make pesto.

homemade popsicles! Levi getting his first taste

We walked to the park the other day and Addilyn held Levi's hand the entire way there. It was so sweet. However the way back home was a different story. Addi had found a puddle at the bottom of one of the slides and had her way with it.

post puddle
I made some homemade paints (flour, water, a little sugar). Addilyn had a blast in the bath tub with them. I just split up the mixture into 4 containers and put the food coloring in it. She used some foam stamps and wash cloths as her tools.

Very focused at her mural

First attempt with a pano on my new iphone.

mixing colors