Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My awesome birthday

Our $25 pool got soooo much use
I turned 26 on June 23. The weekend leading up to my b-day, which was a Tuesday, we went to Dan Nicholas Park with some of our BFF's the Pettit's. We have never done the gem mining there and it was so much fun. The kids loved searching for treasures. Too bad we didn't do it right though. They give you buckets of sand filled with different gems and stones that you have to pick out. We thought we were just supposed to use our hands which was hard! No one was there to tell us what to do so we just made it up. It wasn't until the very end we found the pans that you're supposed to sift through. 

holding their gems!
first train ride!
(looks like a still from a movie)
Our newest stroller which we LOVE and WORSHIP
Snow White walked around the entire game and they loved her, especially Levi.
Saturday night the Dash had a double header. It was blistering hot until this storm rushed through. Literally the moment they finished rolling out the canvas the rain and wind stopped. When it started we had just made it under the cover. It blew straight through like a tunnel under the stands. and I mean blew! Those guys aren't laying down for kicks and giggles, the canvas was dragging them. It cooled down and it was much more bearable after that!

Ryder's first baseball game out of the womb

 Scott took Tuesday, my actual birthday, off of work. I think it's a great tradition. We picked up my free sandwich from Firehouse Subs and went to Bolton pool. Scott went off the highest platform. They only opened them for a short time and this was the first time we'd been there when they were open. We went to dinner and after got myself my free frogurt. Our kids think birthdays are the best! (and they ARE!) I love spring/summer birthdays! We get to do my favorite things....baseball, swimming, and eating!
(back-dated post, written 8/9/15)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life with 3

Lily being super protective

 Ryder's first bath! And the only bath that they will take all together for a long time.....

I post this one soley for Levi's face in the top left.

At Ryder's 2 week apt. They were very helpful.
Addilyn would approve what the Dr could or could not do. It was really entertaining.


The last 3 weeks have been, to say the least, interesting. Granted new baby=crazy anyway. However, Ryder has been a piece of cake. It's been our other two that we've been struggling with for much different reasons. If you remember, Memorial weekend we had the Westerns up. By the time they left, Addilyn was a hot mess. We assumed it was the lack of sleep with a cinch of a cold. It only got worse... We had dropped them off at 5am on Tuesday while we went to the hospital to have Ryder. When Scott brought them to the hospital you could see that Addilyn was dropping off significantly. We tried taking pictures all together but it was pathetic. We decided that it was best if Scott just took them back to our house instead of our friends because she was not doing so hot (and she was super hot). It was definitely a stressor being in the hospital and not being able to help Addi and trying to figure out with Scott what to do with her. He ended up taking her to the Dr that next day.

She had all the symptoms of strep, but at the apt her quick test came back negative. The Dr was positive something was going on so they took some blood to get tested. It was the first night I was home (I think?) when Scott and Addilyn got in the car to go to the Children's hospital ER. Her airway was very little and she could breath through her nose. She wasn't eating a thing and her fever was super high. We can't exactly give her Motrin without food or something in her stomach. Anyway, I checked my phone and had a voicemail from her Dr saying the blood results came back positive for mono. I called Scott (who was driving to the ER) and told him to just come back home that it was mono. We bought essential oils and all kinds of treats (ice cream, made popsicles, oreos, jello etc) anything that she might eat. Since mono is viral, there's no medicine to take. So the oils and diffuser we bought were to help if they could at all (which we think they did).

While Scott was home he took care of Addilyn mostly- making sure she would eat something and keeping on top of her Motrin intake. Her fever was easy to spot when it started to come back because she would get super irritable. Poor Levi during this time was getting left out. I couldn't pick him up after having a baby and Scott was preoccupied with Addi. So he went through some tantrums and acting out because of the lack of attention.

When Scott went back to work, I had friends from church take Levi in the mornings for a few days so that both Addilyn and I could sleep in the morning. That was so helpful. One morning she woke up and was covered in a rash. I stuck her in the bath and called a nurse's hotline. They suggested putting baking soda in her bath. So she did and soaked for quite some time. I put the laptop in there and she watched Netflix. You can see in the pics below our set up with Levi playing with play dough. It's been 3 weeks now and Addilyn seems to be significantly better. The only thing we are dealing with is the lack of hearing. She's practically deaf and I have to yell at her all the time to talk to her. We'll be taking her in again soon to get those ears checked. Below are some pics highlighting Addi and her appearances. She started out super swollen and got better in time.

The first time meeting Ryder- taken moments before Scott took them home. She was hot...
The next day, her face is very swollen.

Leaving the hospital
Super swollen face and eyes
Laptop, baking soda, Levi playing
A shot of her legs with the rash
much better in the face now!

6 days old

I took these of Ryder when he was just 6 days. Such sweetness. Scott took the ones with me at 7 days old. What a love of a baby. Granted the humidity and heat make it very comfy for a babe.