Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another Children's Musuem

Another free morning at the Children's Museum! I was slightly worried that it was going to be too packed (it usually is) and having to chase Levi. But it was actually totally fine! And even Levi and Addilyn did so well staying with me and moving along when we needed to. 

Our chairs are getting a bit crowded these days... Below is Addilyn playing with a worm she found while playing outside. She named it baby "like the one in you tummy" and took care of it.


Every weekend we have been having something planned in every time slot. With this nice spring weather Addilyn and Levi have been spending their time outside. I don't know how I survived winter! Levi has cooled it on consuming the dirt and now just wears it. 
Our friend Chloe had her 4th birthday party and the kids had so much fun being trapped! We are so sad they are moving :( 

After said birthday party we had a baptism and then went straight over to the Food Truck Festival in downtown. Oh my word it was nuts. People were standing in line for HOURS. We were some of them... The food was good but the festival is getting too big for it's location and such. Below is a picture of us finally eating our food.

Sunday we went for a walk. We met some new neighbors, blew dandelions and picked flowers.

Easter Weekend

Scott had Good Friday off so we went to the zoo! I made it an "official" first playgroup of the year. It also happened to be one of their most busiest days of the year. The weather was really nice and didn't start getting hot until lunchtime which is when we left. We spent our time on the Africa side and with the Keyes family. She is due the same day I am.

Sunday morning we had a cereal brunch at our house with some friends. Everyone brought cereal to share and Easter eggs to help hide in our backyard. Since General Conf. doesn't start til noon here we had plenty of time. We had the Pettit's, Gray's, and Keyes families over. 
how we watched conference
We dyed eggs in an uneventful way...the usual. It's amazing how much dye you use for these things...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

And speaking of March...

Scott built Addilyn's bed way back in July when we were gone in Seattle. She's been sleeping on it- but it hasn't been painted. Scott had to put some trim pieces on it and then prime it. We found some "oops" paint for $5 that happened to be purple. Addilyn was so thrilled and tickled that she was going to help paint it. She did a great job too! And she takes such pride in her bed now.

Remember my comment in that last post about Levi dressing up? Here are a few more outfits...

The finished product.

almost 29 weeks
So this photo above.... we had gone to SciQuarium again by ourselves with plans to meet up with a friend. Well, just before our friends came, I discovered Levi had pooped out of his diaper. WHAT! He hasn't done that in forever. The only casualty was his shirt. But he still had a sweatshirt to wear over it.
Josh's birthday party at SciWorks!
The spring weather has been beautiful- when it is. You know, spring swings from being nice to being like winter again. But whenever it's been nice, the kids have been outside!! Mostly playing in dirt. Which Levi has eaten enough for all of us.
beautiful curls
30 weeks
R is for Rainbow
their pillow
31ish weeks

S is for science!
no nap=super tired at dinner
Living in the south definitely has it's perks. Our planting season starts in March! We had a garden clean up day and planted. Scott and I later made our beds into mini green houses which has really helped on these cold spring nights.

hands in his pockets
 Last Saturday we had our Primary Easter activity. It was crazy because they planned for max capacity- almost 900 eggs. So everyone of course got a gazillion eggs (if they were fast enough). Addilyn has spent her life training for this moment and was awesome.

Sometimes they play nice with each other. And it's wonderfully adorable. They had huge bubbles in the tub and loved hunting for the eggs I threw in there.
Addilyn reading to Levi.

March- oops

Well...sorta failed at a March post! Let me fill in the blanks of our lives once again with all the photos that we take! (This is all about February) We went to the SciQuarium in Greensboro. We love this place! And it was warm enough that many of the animals in the zoo were out. Granted the reptiles and some monkey's were not due to the cold. But we got to see my favorite animal being very active...the tiger!

 Chasing penguins! These penguins are so friendly and love to play with the kids. It's always hard to get a good picture because the kids are running chasing them too.

They have a petting barn and the kids of course go nuts for it. They are really sweet animals too. Unfortunately there's not a lot of pictures of me since I'm the one taking most of them :)

Selfie with a tiger!!

24 weeks and days
Our first snow was pretty pathetic. Addilyn so badly wanted to build a snowman. We used the snow that Scott had shoveled from the driveway and cars. It was terrible snow because it was mostly ice. But the great part was that Scott was able to work from home! So we got to have him for lunch and a couple of breaks. It was awesome!

Levi loves to dress up. He comes out of Addilyn's room with things for me to help put on him. I tell you I have no say in it- he demands and I comply. 
Before we have this baby we've been trying to get to the temple once a month. So again, we switch off. Scott takes them to the museum while I do a session. Here are some pictures from their time at the children's museum in Raleigh. (They love it)

27 weeks-ish
And then it really snowed!!!! And it was prefect snowman building snow. We had so much fun playing out there. Levi was busy eating it while Addilyn mostly threw the snow. Addilyn also demanded that I made a snow angel...which was a huge fail. I couldn't get up from being flat on my back and in the snow.

Nice daddy