Saturday, December 6, 2014


Decorating our tree was a little early. We did it the week before Thanksgiving since we were leaving to Georgia and then leaving to California. I wanted to enjoy our things!

14w 3d
The rest are pictures from Thanksgiving that I wasn't able to load up.


16 w 4 d
 Scott's awesome Christmas work party!

he won't keep his paws off my decor
 We drove to a place near Pilot Mt where an older couple decorates their property with hundreds of thousands of lights. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Once again we made the trek to Marietta, GA for Thanksgiving. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in preparation food-wise. Addilyn was a big helper in the kitchen and helped make rolls, banana pudding, and apple pie. She cut all the apples, with a little assistance.

We left Wednesday and got to their house about 11:30pm. There was some heavy traffic here and there which made a usual 5.5 hr drive to 7. I was car sick the whole ride. It was terrible. But the kiddos did really well. The next morning we were up bright and early do run the 5k Gobble Jog. Scott pushed Addi and Levi while Shirley & Erik each pushed a stroller for their 4 kids. Considering I hadn't really ran since I got sick while pregnant from about 7 weeks on, I think I did pretty well. I ran about 80% of it I think and did it in about 43 minutes. Definitely not what I wanted for my first official timed race- but considering I ran it 15 weeks pregnant it wasn't that bad.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was yummy. So yummy we had a hard time eating it later on while we were there we were so Thanksgiving'ed out. Also, when we got down there the Western's were all sick. So it was a challenge with that too. We basically just hung out the whole weekend (hence the sickness). Scott pulled up some Inuit Indian games that we played, the kids played with Lily and Smores (the bunny), we went for a short hike, and the girls went into the hot tub.

For whatever reason Instagram isn't letting me post the pictures on here...they are really cute. But sorry...