Monday, September 10, 2012

Airshow, playdates, and other happenings

Okay, so I lied in my last post. I said I would have pictures that night or something promising like that. Well, here you are a little late. Enjoy!

They need one of these in every single bathroom.

She learned how to go up the slide and then spread her arms and legs out and slide back down. You're supposed to climb up the grape side but she's not ready for that. The other kids were bummed she was hogging it but she wouldn't go anywhere else!

Another playdate with Addison!

Winston-Salem Airshow

A big plane.

Ear muffs!
 If you remember, last year Addilyn was just a tiny tot when we came to the airshow. Click on the link to see the difference a year makes! Airshow 2011 This year was much milder for the weather. We had a nice breeze which was heavenly with the cloud cover.
Our view from below... Kayla & Eric Smith
The other beloved Smith's joined us. Kayla blogged about the airshow here. I warned them about sunscreen. But did they listen???? nope!

Her cute tan line.

This is what happens when I garden.
Addi literally had mouthfuls of dirt. She then proceeded to put it in her hair and on her face. We did our usual clean up with the sprinkler. Here she is washing her car below.

Mowing the lawn with dad.

Helping mom cook dinner.

Her baby.
So as you know, Addilyn LOVES babies. So the other day I got out my grandmother's doll blanket and used it to wrap one of her babies and then cradled it. She followed suit. She wasn't the best wrapper, but she would wrap the baby, cradle, and then shake the baby out so she could do it again. It is just the sweetest thing ever. She will be a wonderful big sister (when the time comes:) )

Now for the wonderful videos. The first one is a little long winded. But if you think Addi is cute you'll watch the whole time. Here she is being taught how to blow bubbles in the bath tub. The last two videos are of Scott singing her favorite song from a book and then the second video is her singing it. She loves Baby Beluga!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the blog.

I really wanted to do a good blog post, filled with pictures and even some bonus videos. Unfortunately, my phone is in a fight with me (it started it) and won't send the photos/videos to my computer. I will get them on hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

But I still want to give an update on Addilyn. At her 15 month apt a while ago (which as of yesterday she is now 16 mo) she was just about in the 50th percentile in all categories. This was somewhat unusual because she is normally around 75th in height and 30th in weight. But I guess her weight is finally catching up with her height. She has about 7 teeth on top and 4 or 5 on bottom. 3 or 4 of her teeth are molars. I am vague with the numbers because both she and I don't like my fingers in her mouth trying to count teeth.

Words she says:
Bawba (grandma/pa)
Buwbuws (bubbles)
Heweugo / Hutugo / Tago (here you go, depends on how fast she says it)
Ba (bath)
Daw (dog)
Bawba (Cabo, also grandma/pa)
Baby (used for stuffed animals and real babies)

Noises she makes:

Sign language:
All done
(those are basically the ones I only worked on)

Her favorites:
She loves milk. Loves loves loves.
She loves raisins. (which btw, I didn't like them until I was pregnant with her)
She loves dirt.
Babies. Absolutely loves anything that resembles a baby.
She swims!!! She loves to swim.
She loves lotion and chapstick. You give her some lotion and she rubs it in and smells her hands (thank you grandma and Aunt Maudie for teaching her that)
Books. She has always been in love with books.

She also is at a point where she is understanding a whole lot of what we are saying. She only struggles with specific instructions. But heck, I struggle with those too :)

Addilyn is also very social and so far plays nice with other kids. She is really helpful and is learning so much. I am a very proud mama.