Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seattle Christmas 2009

So I never talked about our Seattle trip. For those of you who do not know this, but I grew up an hour north of Seattle. Seattle is just a good general location to reference.

Our trip was full of splitting time between my mom and dad's house, my best friend receiving her endowments and then getting married, shopping, Lights of Christmas, eating seafood, and being with my dog Cabo.

Scott and I went to the Lights of Christmas. I told him that I really want to take him but didn't describe very much as to what it was all about. Near the house I grew up in Warm Beach, there is a Christian camp that spends thousands of dollars in electricity putting up lights. They have lots of entertainment and wonderful lights. Scott was completely impressed. No it was not worth the amount of money that they raised it to, but he was still very much impressed.

Christmas Eve we ate Cioppino. YUM. The one thing I miss about Washington food is the SEAFOOD.

Katrina got married December 29th. Yay! Then our other friend Brent got married the day we flew out January 2nd.

Overall our break was lovely.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Semester in Review

I think that this would be a good tradition to start in my here it goes!

The fall semester started in early September. Before school officially started we went to the Southeast Idaho fair in Blackfoot. We love petting the animals, at least I do. And Scott likes going to the booths that have guy stuff.

Scott was finished doing all testing of his trebushet and went to compete in Salmon Idaho.

For Halloween we launched pumpkins from the trebushet and we dressed as Napoleon and Pedro again.

We baked cookies for the first time together ever and had a blast.

We made new awesome friends.

Scott had his birthday, and it was a surprise!

But as a whole, our semester was super busy (like most). I worked in the Spori computer lab for the 3rd semester in a row, and Scott worked in the machine shop in the Austin as well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Chirstmas List

Settlers of Catan & the extension pack
Any board game really, but especially Settlers of Catan
Camping lantern that screws onto a small green propane bottle
Oil catch pan
Car jack
Fingerless mittens (both Scott & Lori)
Pampered Chef Chopper
Pampered Chef can opener
Anything really from Pampered Chef
Bag clips
Winter Socks (both Scott & Lori)
Regular socks (both Scott & Lori) and we like the Costco kind
Pressure Cooker
Cleaning supplies
Anything camping related
Camping axe
Lap top carrying case for Lori (fits a MacBook Pro 13")
Pants for both Scott and Lori (or giftcard to get them)
Costco or WINCO giftcard
Movies, like Hitch, The Prestige, Night at the Museum, any Meg Ryan romantic movie, SWAT, The Italian Job, What Women Want, Hairspray, newest Batman movies, Jumanji, The World's Fastest Indian, Eagle Eye know
Boy stuff for Scott
Girl stuff for Lori

Dream stuff:
Netbook for Scott that has all his programs he needs
Nikon D90 SLR camera for Lori

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the end is near!

I don't know how I'm doing it today, that is blogging. I have so much to do! I don't even have time to cook! Well, we also are trying not to buy any groceries because we'll be gone for 2 weeks. So it makes it harder to do quick meals! But really, it's finals week and next week we're all done! Wow! I'm excited for it to end though, that means I'm done with my math class! YES!
It has also been trying really hard to snow. Lately the average temp here is 8 during the day, but when ever I'm out walking it's usually in the 2-3 range and a windchill of -15. I'm so happy I'm not a winter student! This picture Scott took of me this morning as I put on my chains to my shoes. I am wearing 3 jackets, a beanie, and pants under my jeans. It is cold out there!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Biggest cooking mistake ever.

The purpose of me cooking today was for a dinner that Scott's ASME is putting on. I'm supposed to be there at 6 with dinner rolls. The recipe I chose to do is Scott's mom's oatmeal dinner rolls which are delish. I've never made them before, but how hard are rolls? The key to making her rolls is that you need to make sure the oatmeal you cook is completely cool (so it doesn't kill the yeast).

Well I was totally confident at the start of the cooking. I did the oatmeal and took the bowl and set it outside our door. I did that because it is extremely colder outside than in my freezer. Well I had no problems with that, I brought the oatmeal in and it was really cold! Perfect.

I continue with doing my yeast, water, sugar, flour, and salt. I see a problem. My dough doesn't seem right. It's almost as though there is not enough water. So I call Shirley, Scott's sister. We talk about it and she mentions butter...well butter is on the ingredient list but never mentioned in the directions. No biggy. I soften some butter and put it in. It still doesn't seem right.

Problem solved...right? Wrong! I realized that when I did my oatmeal, my slightly dyslexic mind switched the "4" in "4 cups water" instead of doing 2 cups of oatmeal. So as I retrace my steps, my confused mind got worse when I was reading the directions on the oatmeal container. I had planned on doubling the recipe, so I converted the 8 cups of oatmeal. However I'm still special when it comes to reading recipes, and I did 7 cups cups of oatmeal.

WOW. So I tried recovering my mistake...ya, well, it would have been a lot easier if I hadn't already added my other ingredients. Long story short, I said screw it and started to multiply everything by 3.5 (that was my conversion rate that I had done...). It was going well until I realized how much flour I needed. least 64 cups. Ya right. So I finished adding all my other ingredients and used another bowl and poured the majority of my concoction into another bowl. I then continued adding flour to the smaller portion and went until the consistency looked right.

As of right now my smaller portion is in the process of rising. I really don't think that I'm going to have them done by 6. The pictures I have here are of my bowl filled with most of the stuff, and the other is what I have rising. Updates coming with my results. I am officially special!
4:55 Update:
I might have saved myself...but man this is the worst I've done it when it comes to reading recipes. I went back into the kitchen to see if my smaller portion was even rising. It didn't look like it was progressing. However, the smaller bowl with the rest of it (pic above) was definitely rising, it was almost overflowing. So I had to go into saving mode. I switched the dough and liquid in the opposite bowl. With the big bowl now having the most of the disaster, I decided to try adding flour and see what would happen. I think I really helped it when I added wheat flour. But we shall see.

My dad needed to see the final product! This is what I brought to the dinner. They were delish, even though a tad doughy in the middle, but not bad from how it went.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!

Woo! What a week.
Scott started the week with working at his future job for the winter semester. He will be at Diversified Metals in IF doing estimating. He just had a taste of what he'll be doing, and he thinks he will love it. Yay!
We had "5" Thanksgiving dinners...if you include all you can eat pies at the school Tuesday night. But it was great. Tuesday=pie Wednesday=ward dinner Thursday=Turkey day Friday=pizza Saturday=friends house Sunday=Brian's house. We are as they say STUFFED!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!!

We had quite the birthday for Scott. It was yesterday, Sunday Nov. 8th and he turned 24. It was a whole weekend adventure. Friday night after my work we went to the dollar theater and saw Surrogates with Bruce Willis. It was okay, it had potential. Saturday we spent the morning cleaning. At noon there was a football game at the school so we went there and froze for 3 quarters and left. We cruised on over to one of the several beauty schools here in Rexburg and got scalp treatments. Scott would claim that I had one and he didn't. That's the problem with beauty schools, you never know what you're going to get! Mine was about 1 1/2 hours and Scott's was like ten minutes. Poor guy! The rest of the night he spent with the guys from church playing dodgeball after their chili cook off. Sunday we had church and then we flew our kite. Scott had a stake priesthood meeting at 6. As soon as he left, I got to work! People started coming in about 7 and about 8 Scott came home and was surprised! I gave him a surprise party! It was awesome. So many of his friends came, and he had NO IDEA!! Woo!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend.

We had lots of fun this weekend! Friday night we made cookies, Saturday morning we launched pumpkins from the trebushe, and had a trunk or treat. Scott and I dressed as Napolean and Pedro. No one knew who I was at first! It was great!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

my decorations

My cheap Halloween decoration! I cut cardboard and stationary paper, used paper clips, yellow ribbon, and skewers. Oh ya.

Is anybody out there?

Just curious as to who out there in bloggerland reads our blog! Send a little comment my way so I know we're not talking to just the open internet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oprah Winfrey

I think Oprah runs the country. I was just reading a court case that was against Oprah for one of her shows and she won. That's not my main point, but it got me thinking. Here is an excerpt from my paper:

"It was an interesting case to read though because I have often wondered what real effects an influential source (like Oprah Winfrey) has on people and the economy. I know that anything that Oprah Winfrey has endorsed has had a very positive effect on that product or person. For example her featured books in her book club or her “Favorite Things” show, and even President Obama. I watched the show when Oprah said that he should run for president when he was still the senator of Illinois. The next month, he was a candidate. The next presidential election, he became president."

If you think about it, whatever Oprah has endorsed has changed the economy. She endorses a product, those sales go up. She has an issue about a product, the sales go down. For example: Ugg Boots were once on her Favorite Things show and their sales sky rocketed. Or like the case I was reading about Texan ranchers losing money during the mad cow disease scare. She aired a show about the ordeal over the disease and had experts give their opinions. One specifically sad negative things, and the ranchers lost tons of money. Coincidence? Also, not to mention my example of President Obama. Another famous person we may know is Josh Grobin. Or what about Gail? Oprah's best friend. The list goes on for people Oprah has helped boost their fame. And some more: Dr. Phil (therapist), Dr. Oz (general health doc), Bob Greene (trainer), Nate Burkus (decorator)

Let's face it. Oprah can control the economy and choose our president. Oprah Winfrey runs the country.

Over the weekend...

Over the weekend Scott went to Washington for an ASME Leadership Training. He went with another guy, so he wasn't completely alone. I drove them to the airport Friday morning and raced back to get to my math class at 11:30. He finally got home Sunday around 3:20...not that I was watching the clock or anything. It was great having him back home!
Saturday morning my friend Rebekah and I went to the shooting range to take some pictures of the old buildings. We drove up around 8:45 and there were tons of cars there. Bummer. When we got talking to one of the guys (who was dressed as a cowboy) he said that they were having a cowboy shootout. We joined them and took pictures for both us and for them. We had a blast!! I took some video and tons and tons of pictures. To see them, go to my photo site.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


For our ward relief society party I dressed in my mom's dress. I tried going with an 80's theme because it has the poofy sleeves. I wore lots of make up which emphasizes my white teeth!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I felt the need to decorate for Halloween. So I put up some of our Christmas lights around our window. I figured white would be better than red because that's too Christmas-y. So now we have these lovely lights in our front room. This picture is the view from where I am sitting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Classes of Fall semester

Scott's classes are kicking his butt. Some of them are tougher, and the others are just time consuming! Me on the other hand, well, I'm pretty much just kicking it. I could have taken more classes instead of my 15 credits right now. Scott's favorite class this semester is his New Testament class. His teacher is a Jewish convert and is really excited about the scriptures and puts new twists on everything. Scott comes home and tells me all these crazy things he learned in his class that day. My favorite class would have to be my Advanced Visual Media. It's first of all really putting my new lap top into good use. I also love learning the new programs which will be super helpful in the future. I adore my teacher, she has great style all around and is very knowledgeable. I would say this semester on average between Scott and I is one that is using our talents and draining our minds.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The first snow fall.

Today is the first snow fall in Rexburg. We drove home last night from Provo and it was scary for more than half the trip! It's been going non stop, but it is only about 2-3 inches on a post. Scott popped his front tire on his bike from flipping over it (he's okay!) and I can't ride my bike with any snow or rain because my glasses will get wet and then I can't see! So we walked to school together, sortof. I had to keep walking to the Spori and he turned uphill to go to the Austin. The one thing I have to say thought about this snow, is that it's pretty. Especially when I am inside my apartment drinking hot chocolate (which I broke out our tea kettle last Thursday). Oh how I wish going to school wasn't so cold!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lucy Jean Meldrum

These are pictures that Rachel and Brad gave me and I edited them for them. I'm doing more, but this was just some from today!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures from last of summer 2009

At the cousins wedding reception.

Working on the Trebushe


Smithville, MO

The Y in Provo

Mt. Timpanogas

Wildhorse Waterfall