Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't worry

Don't worry, we're still here. My mom and Aunt Maudie are here. We've been partying it up. I'm sure I'm going to do a massive throw up post once they've left. It will be filled with photos and details of our exciting adventures. As for now, just know that we are alive and partying hard while Grandma and Auntie are here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer videos


summer summer

Watching the fish

I don't know why it uploaded funny
You may be wondering what we've been doing in this hot hot weather we've had....Well. Either we're indoors, or we're out in the water.

Yesterday we went to the park up the road while it was still relatively cool (like 85). Addilyn is so funny. She is very girl, but still likes to play in the dirt. Sounds like her mom!
Again, weird upload

She had rubbed it on her face and hair
Since she had dirt all over her, I stripped her down in the driveway and turned on our sprinkler. She had a blast.

My favorite face is the far right
Cabo enjoyed the water break too
This last week Addilyn hasn't been going to bed at her usual time (between 7-7:30). It's been more like 8-9pm...I've also been having to hold her to go to sleep. And her food intake was changing. Then I've realized, oh hey, she's got a new tooth that cut through! Then today everything is going into her mouth to chew on. I have a feeling there's more in there- but I've already been bitten trying to poke my finger in there. She's got a total of 6 teeth- 2 bottom and 4 top. She turned 14 months on July 4th. I never thought I'd be one who'd be impatient about getting her into nursery (Which is at 18 months). But now that she's a free child, as in walking, I now can't wait for 18 months ONLY for the fact I can sit at church again!

Remember that whole sleeping thing I mentioned? Well, she just fell asleep in her high chair eating lunch....again. Funny girl.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I mustache you a question

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later
I co-hosted a baby shower for a new girl in our ward, Sarah Smith. I just realized I don't have a picture of her....oops. Well, her sister-in-law has more photos. Anywho. She's having a boy. I planned the games, decorated, and used our house to host. Sarah's sister-in-law brought all the food. It was delish. 
 We had such a good turn out. The mustaches were for opening presents. If you dropped your mustache or said "Sarah" someone could take if from you. We also played a game that I remember playing in seminary. There is taped square in the middle of the room and someone calls out an item that you probably have on you or in your purse/bag. Whoever got it in the square first got a point. It turns into a contact sport if you're not careful.
 And onto the 4th. My week was completely thrown off. I kept thinking the next day was Sunday. It was a lot of fun having Scott home all day with nothing really to do. But we did do lots. First, we went to a pool/bbq.
 The picture below is the only one I got at the pool, and she was already out of her swim suit. My bad. Addilyn sure is tanning up though. I'm so happy she got my skin. Scott tans, but only after he burns. I don't burn, just tan (with sunscreen. I'm a firm believer in it!)

We went to the McDonald's house who hosts a 4th of July party every year. We had fun introducing Addilyn to sparklers.
My friend Emily, her daughter is almost exactly a month older then Addi.

 The photo above is quiet funny actually. Scott is realizing that he now has a burn hole in his shirt and then let go of Addilyn's hand. For a few moments Addilyn was waving the sparkler on her own. Yeah...I kept telling Scott to forget his shirt because Addi was waving fire in the air!!

Since Addilyn stayed up so late the night before, I tried keeping her awake as long as I could so that she would go to bed on time. This is what I get for my efforts...she passed out while eating dinner. Until next time, I'd really love to keep chatting. But I really mustache.