Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grandma came to town!

Grandma came to town! As my previous posts claimed, she drove up from Atlanta with us after we have Levi's blessing. We started off on Monday by doing a big grocery shopping trip. Man. It is so much easier to go shopping when there is another person there to push a cart with the babes in it. Stores like Aldi only have space for a toddler in the basket and not more. My carseat does not fit in any basket so it goes in the cart. When I shop at Aldi I find myself putting Levi in a pack on me and Addilyn in the basket of the cart.

 Tuesday we started potty training. That is right. Potty training. Now maybe it wasn't so wise of me to choose my mom to help with this seeing as how she did not really potty train either my brother or me. But we did it. Day 1 we had 3 accidents right off. But by that 3rd one it was right beside the potty. She just didn't make it to sit on it. That was a really good sign!

Day 2 she had one accident. Day 3 none. It went on like that for the rest of the time my mom was here (with one random accident in between). We used the nude method. After 5 days of potty training, we were able to put panties on her and she could pull them off and on by herself. Addilyn is a rock star. She still wears diapers when she is snoozing or while we are out. However she's getting close to not having to wear them out. I'd say possibly in the next week or so she will be good. We are just working on controlling it and holding it until we get somewhere.

While my mom was here we also went swimming. I love this park. It's only a $1 for the rest of the summer.

One day at the pool I had put an invite on Facebook to anyone who wanted go. Sitting here from left to right: Levi, Luke, Eli. Grandma was having fun playing grandma to all 3.
Our last Saturday we went to the Eskelsen's house. Addilyn rode a horse for the first time and loved it! She was in love. After we were all hot and sweaty from that we went swimming in their pool. It was such a nice day!

One thing Addilyn knows how to do is nails. So she had Grandma doing hers.

In the end we had a great time with grandma. She was such a great sport with potty training. She brought stickers and a chart and gave the biggest hugs when Addi did her thing. The morning after grandma left, Addilyn had gone potty and then ran out calling for Grandma to let her know she went potty. Poor girl. I wasn't enough for her. :(

Levi at 2 months

Levi had his 2 month appointment the other day. My how time flies when you are running on little sleep and feeding off the energy of a 2 year old. He came in weighing 10.03 lbs and measured 23.25 inches. I just have some long and skinny babies. Don't forget beautiful too :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

A name and a blessing

Saturday morning at 10 we had Levi's blessing. He was so handsome. Levi wore the same blessing outfit that his dad and uncles and cousins have all worn (his dad being the first).

I asked Scott's mom where the name Scott actually came from. She said that Rand's parents had gone to see a movie right before Rand was born and the actor in it was name Randolph Scott. They didn't so much like Randolph and changed it to Randal Scott Smith. Their first son born was then named Scott Holroyd Smith. And now Scott's first born son's name is Levi Scott Smith.

3 of 5 grandparents were able to come!

Those who participated in Levi's blessing were his dad, Grandpa Smith, and Uncles Eric Western and Gunnar Smith. After his blessing Scott got a father's blessing and then his dad got a blessing because he hurt his back that morning.
Those who participated in the blessing.

The generation picture: Randal Scott Smith, Scott Holroyd Smith, Levi Scott Smith

Being a good sister, making sure that pacifier is in

Grandma Jadwin
Soon after the blessing, the Smith's headed back to Missouri. The rest of the day we kicked back. Scott and I got new phones and we all just hung out.

Sunday morning we went to sacrament meeting then took off shortly with Grandma Jadwin back to North Carolina. Again, it was a fairly smooth ride back with how many people were on the roads. We got in about 9:30 which was really nice so we could go to bed early. Below are the pictures from Grandma's view in the car:
Cabo came too :)