Monday, September 26, 2011

Virginia Creeper Trail

This past weekend we went on a bike ride with our Bishop's family. We originally were going to camping Friday night but due to rain we canceled that plan. But Saturday we took the 2 hour drive north to Virginia to this awesome trail. It's a total of 33 miles, but we did the more popular 17 mile version. It's all down hill. The trail goes through the hills of Virginia and originally was a railroad track. Here are some photos from our adventure:
Addilyn conked out on the way up
The bike place didn't have any buggies from a lack of communication. While we waited for them to bring one up, we tried the seat attached to the bike. It really didn't work. She is just a smidge bit small. But she had fun while Scott tried fitting her for it.

The bike rental shop

The beginning of the trail
Pictured above is half of our group. (Linnea, Roy, Pheobe, Scott, Addilyn) Erika and Chelsea were moments behind us.
Riding in the beautiful hills. It was the perfect time of year to go. The leaves were falling and turning colors. We just loved it.
Me cruising

 One of several bridges. This is a good picture representing some of the colors of the trees.

Scott pulling Addilyn

The trail passed through several times the Appalachian trail. It was really cool to see the trail for my first time!

Addilyn again, asleep
Addi really enjoyed the trip except for the few miles that she was awake. It also was the bumpiest part of the trail. She did awesome overall. Her first bike ride! What a trooper!
Scott attempting to take a picture of me

This was during our lunch stop after a few miles of her crying. It was really bright and she had this very upset look the whole time. Ah, just one of her faces...

The end! We made it! 17 miles later! We were all extremely sore. Especially this really long word that describes the actual body part we made sore. I don't remember what it was, but we all complained.
Scott would be very upset if I didn't post this picture. I was gone. I was tired okay! The trip overall was a huge success. The weather held up and it was perfect for riding bikes.

Addi's check up

Warning: Extreme Addilyn cuteness ahead
You can tell from the photos that Addilyn has discovered her feet. She has for a while, but it's about time I document her extreme cuteness. Other things she has discovered: she can reach, her lips, her ears, and she can grab my glasses... She sucks her lips in so it looks like she has no teeth (oh wait...) and then she pops them out. She sings all the time (nothing new) and to add to it we've decided she might be a beat boxer. Addi will make tooting noises with her mouth, it could be a future career- beat boxing that is.
No, we did not buy it...
So Addi had her 4 month appointment, which was really at 4 1/2 months old. At her appointment she weighed in at 13lbs 10oz and 25 3/4in long. That puts her in the 33rd percentile for her weight and 85th for her height. She's long and lean! I talked to her Dr about feeding Addilyn solids, and she said that if she's starting to act interested we don't have to jump on it right away. I told her she's been interested for a loooong time. So that night Scott really wanted to give her something, but we don't have any food or utensils for her yet. Scott mushed up 3 peas on his plate and fed her with his fork. I warned him that he shouldn't...but he really wanted to. She definitely enjoyed it!

We got the wrath later. It was evident in her 4 or 5 poopy diapers later that Scott should be patient for the rice cereal first. He got a little too excited. But she's definitely ready, and I'm not! I forgot to post this video on this, I finally got it from Scott's phone:
Addi keeps her legs up. She always, always, always is doing this. She's got rock hard abs needless to say.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

life as we know it

Left: me Right: Addilyn
So there's this BBQ place...every Wednesday you can get a full rack of ribs, plus 3 sides for $14. YUM. Maybe the full rack was too much for us. We'll probably go with half next time, which is $9 with the 3 sides still. It was delish. These photos were just while we were waiting to eat.

Addilyn likes to keep her legs straight out! It's her thing. I love those toes.

I have a couple of videos that I am dying to post...but they are on Scott's phone. SO, when he gets back from Virginia (side note, he just left for work, will be back Thursday) I will get them. And we just finished painting our bedroom last night at about 1 am. I'm so excited!! We got a beautiful new duvet and a new shower curtain which goes perfectly with our newly painted bathroom as well! I'm in love with what we've done so far. I can't wait to get going on everything else in our house so that I can love spending time in each room. Another update, we got a new COUCH! Since we've lived here we either sit on a hard kitchen chair, the floor, or on our bed upstairs. It was a steal off of Craigslist. We are already breaking it in. The first night we both slept on it (long story). It's basically like a twin bed. I don't have the entire picture of the couch because of technical challenges, but here are some details of it:

It's so nice seeing everything come together in our house. Since the night we bought it we've unhinged the entire house and gradually putting it back together. Our goal is to have it all painted, mostly all furnished (the important things), and mostly all decorated by Thanksgiving week. That is after all our own deadline and when we plan for the Busby's and the Western's to all join us for smoked turkey :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just because she is...

Winston-Salem Airshow

This past weekend was the 100th anniversary of the W-S airshow. Since it was at the airport right next to Scott's work, he got us hooked up with cheap tickets and VIP parking. It was a beautiful day. When we first got in, I got really excited because of the cars that they had. Here is your classic Model A. It's for sale if anyone is interested...needs a new paint job.

My favorite one there, the 1935 Chrysler.

This was the very beginning when they had para-shooters come out of these two planes. One was carrying the American flag and the other was carrying the POW flag. It was too cool.

There were lots of neat planes. They did all sorts of tricks. There was one who had a lady walking on the wings and doing tricks on it. The funny thing was- it was her ex husband flying the plane! We even saw a bomber and a stealth bomber. But most importantly, we saw history. It was Honda's first public appearance with their newest Honda jet engine plane. It was a sweet ride. They had a lot of static planes on display (Scott has those pictures on his phone). He was like a little kid in a candy shop.
Addilyn's first encounter with grass.
I mostly hung out with Addilyn watching all the planes while Scott went with a couple of guys to check out the know...manly things :) It was great though watching the crowd and the planes.
Addilyn snoozing.
It was about 80 some-odd degrees outside and I made Addi some shade with my nursing cover, her stroller, and Scott's chair. She snoozed, played, and cried when an airplane scared her. (don't worry, that wasn't very often)

Mom Vs Addilyn


I'm pretty sure Addilyn looks like me when I was a baby... Ever since she was born she will give the occasional "Smith" look. But my newborn photos look like hers! Her eyes still haven't decided on a color. But Scott and I are pretty sure they're going to be green now. She wanted to please us both (me being brown, and Scott blue). She sure is just the sweetest thing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4 months old!

I wish I could tell you how much she weighs and how tall she is right now, but that will have to wait until her appointment later this month. She is super tall, that's about all I can say. I can though give you an update of her progress! She can stand! Holy smokes! Of course I'm holding her hands, but she totally can stand. We have witnesses. Ever since we bought her excer-saucer thing, she's been rocking it and getting so strong. She's going to being running before we know it....sad! I want her to stay little forever. But I guess that's why you have more babies and eventually grandbabies right? One of my most favorite things right now is her laugh is sounding more like a laugh instead of a grunt or fast inhale. She is becoming much more active with her legs and holding them in the air and grabbing for her feet.

We just love our little girl. She's so much fun. Last night I called Scott to come into the bathroom while I was giving her a bath. She was so amazed at the water coming out of the faucet. It was running off my hand and she was trying to grab at it. It's so neat to watch her experience things for the first time. We love being parents!

The Westerns!

The Westerns came and visited us during the Labor Day weekend. So much fun! We got a lot of work done around the house- they came, they worked, they concurred. We got the front room finished (paint that is) and the upstairs is completely finished with ceilings. (the walls are in progress)
While they were here, we also got some awesome walks in at cool parks and a sweet mini photo session of the mom and dad of soon to be three! In these photos, Shirley is 36 weeks along.
These photos were taken at Tanglewood Park.

The girls had so much fun with the ducks.

Olivia and Cabo first met in May. Ever since then she has been dying to see him again. Cabo was the best babysitter. The two of them played all the time. Olivia was in and out of the house going and building Cabo a house out of boxes and giving him ice cubes.

We went to Hobby Park on Sunday and watched some planes. We also went on a short walk through the woods. The stroller wasn't going to cut it. So Scott got the hiking bag. Poor Addi was a little too small. But she just slept the entire time.
Her little legs spread out
Overall we had a great time with the Westerns. We are sad to see them leave, but excited for them too! They are closing on a house tomorrow in their new town of Atlanta, Georgia. We also are excited to meet their newest addition who should be making her debut within the month.