Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh so much

I have so much to catch up on. This again will be mainly a photo post, as this blog serves as a photo documentary of our lives. So much happens in just a little over a week...(by the way, the uploaded backwards. so they are most recent to past)
Moments after this was taken, the handful you see she has went to her mouth.
This is one of our garden boxes that Scott and I made. We plan on having at least one more. We got the dirt Saturday morning, we built the box, and then Monday I planted. So far in this box we have peas, onions, and carrots. Addilyn was a little less helpful. She didn't want to stay on her designated blanket.
Our lovely garden box

She got a hold of the spoon. She's gifted with the ability to eat :)
Addilyn loves her new high chair. The purple bumbo chair was getting a little too small for her. Addi was also getting a little to mobile and needed more restraints!


Scott used his 4ft straight edge as a spatula as Richard slid the phone onto it
Our home teacher dropped his iPhone down the cracks. It slipped out of his pocket. The funny thing is, he's studying to become a surgeon. It was good practice.

Scott's co-worker had a birthday party guessed it! for her 3 year old daughter. It was a stinking mad house in there. We had fun eating pizza, playing games, the works. Shilpa, the co-worker, is in love with her and held her for the first part of the party. I went and got her when we came back from games but she didn't want to give her up. I told her it was her daughter's birthday party and she shouldn't be babysitting! She finally gave her up.

What a smug face

Scott liked this picture the most

Chris vs Scott, Scott won

BATH TIME!!! Addilyn loves the bath. Just loves it.
Her hair has been getting so long, it's quite fun.

Sitting in her new high chair for the first time

oops, out of order

The past week it has been SO nice outside. We've been going out on the deck or in the grass and hang out with Cabo. He loves Addilyn. And she loves him.
She has no mercy

but he loves her still

She grabs and hangs on...that grip! One of the signs you have an AWESOME dog is that a baby can do whatever and they don't flinch.

Addilyn can now crawl on her knees. She used to just drag her chest on the ground as she threw both her hands forward and pulled and then kicked both legs. She is TOO easy of a baby. I hope we didn't get spoiled with just one like her. She will sit and entertain herself for quite a while. Addilyn loves to clap and blow kisses. Waving is close to being accomplished. It seems like everyday she learns to do something new.
I caught Cabo yawning

She likes to hold her lips in now that she has her tooth.

It's like the rainbow threw up on her

There are more photos, however they are on Scott's camera. A week or so ago we got our new shelves into the pantry. We went from 3 too deep shelves to 6 useful ones. We're building rotating shelves for canned food. It's going to be soooooo great when it's all done. Like shown above we are working on our garden. We're rather excited to have not just one long growing season, but 2! We've been doing our mulch pile for awhile now but didn't have anything ready for dirt. So we currently have a large pile in our drive way.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Valentines Month...

Addi's Valentines present. she's in love.

So for Valentines, we celebrated a few days after. The original plan was to go go carting which is what we did for our first Valentines when we were dating. When we got there, the track was closed from being to wet (it rained earlier that day). So instead we got some great Greek food and then went to a grocery store that Scott had been told about. It was an International grocery store. I don't think I'll go back unless I need some sort of fish creature, which I'm sure they had everything under the sea in there. (it sure smelled like it!)
filled with all sorts of different fish/sea creatures

duck eggs

clams, oysters, fish heads...

squid, crab...

sea cucumber?

this is what caused the store to smell..the crabs, not scott

all fish, including carp...who eats carp?

more squid

I don't even know what this was, but it was poking and I think a fruit

cow tongue
They had every body part pertaining to cows, pigs, fish, humans...okay not humans. But they had everything. (a cows brain is HUGE) It was fun just roaming around, not being able to read anything because it was in one of the many Asian/Islander languages.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We have a tooth!

So for big news first, Addilyn's first tooth finally broke through! After weeks of teething pains, she's finally got evidence that there was something lurking under her gums. It came through on Friday and now that it's pushing out more, she's realized there is something there too. Here is a little video of what she was so occupied doing this morning:
feeling her tooth

shredding tissue

Last week for play group we went to the Children's Museum here in Winston-Salem. It is SO cool. It was our first time. Even though Addilyn didn't get to do a whole lot, it's nice to see what they had so that we can go in the future when she's a little older. She did enjoy the chimes and the company.

We sat here while the older kids did an activity in the library section.

Future love interest?

Addilyn has been sleeping on her belly at night, which means when she's tired now during the day...she'll fall asleep where she's at. It was so darn cute when I realized that she was asleep. She had been quietly playing with my shoe string and then stopped. I wonder why!

the aftermath when she woke up
Last week instead of our normal walk, we went to our playground that is just up the road from us. Cabo finally got the guts to walk across the accordion bridge and up on the play toy where Addi and I were.
Wearing one of her new hats from Christmas.

Cabo loved that he could be up there with us.