Tuesday, February 17, 2015

California part 3- Disney, New Years, temple

The Busby's were awesome to take us and be our guides at Disneyland. It's hard to impress Scott with something like this, but he was! Keith was running around getting our fast passes so we were able to go from ride to ride. It was also super packed- they closed the gates before noon because they were at capacity. It was nuts.
Addilyn also went on all the big rides that she was able to. She didn't know what she was getting into, so it wasn't until after the ride she told us she was freaked out or something....but she was awesome.

Meeting the princesses was a lot of pressure for Addi. Levi went right to them.

All the Busby's went home except Kayla who stayed for the Fantasmic show. She was such a trooper. Addilyn was passed out for the whole show, but Levi, our party animal, stayed up for the whole thing. It was a long day but a lot of fun.

Addi passed out

The next day, Scott took the Busby's geocaching in the hills behind their house. We then headed back to Aunt Maudie and Uncle Gary's house.

 New Years Eve Scott stayed out on the Rose Parade route with my cousins. Mariah and I came out for a few hours and then came back to Aunt Maudie's for the night. I was planning on going back out, but Addi and Levi were too sick to go. Scott had a great time though experiencing it, and the Busby's came too.
The day after New Years we drove into Los Angeles and visited the temple. Addilyn was so excited to be at the temple that Scott and I got married in.

Scott and Addi went out geocaching one day while Levi and I napped. We definitely got California covered.

The Hat

Mariah made me a matching sweatshirt
Dancing at the airport during our layover

Christmas part 2- the day and wedding

The night before Scott flew in, we went out to a street that had thousands and thousands of lights. When we got back to Aunt Maudie's, my cousin Danny came in dressed as Santa and gave out chocolate. The kids loved it.

Christmas Eve morning we opened presents with my family since we wouldn't be getting back for another week. Below is my Uncle Gary with his new pool sign. 
Scott flew in Christmas Eve we picked up Scott from the airport and drove straight to the Busby's who are in Thousand Oaks. We read the Christmas story and put out cookies and milk for Santa. 
Addi with the youngest cousin, Troy Busby
writing to Santa
Christmas morning
Later Christmas day we went to the beach! Talk about a way to spend Christmas! Scott went surfing for the first time with Keith while I stayed on the beach with the kiddos. It was super chilly with the wind, but the sun was warm.

The day after Christmas we drove early down to San Diego for Brent's wedding. We got really lucky and our rooms at our hotel were available for us so we were able to get dressed and get ready there. We had some time to kill so it was great. There are of course a lot more pictures at the temple, but they are from other people and I haven't bothered to download them to my computer.

The day of the wedding was pretty crazy. The sealing was during nap time for all of the kids so it was traumatic  trying to get family photos. Then we had to wait for the bride and groom to get their photos done until we could eat at the restaurant. The following morning we went up to La Jolla and got to see the sea lions. They hadn't had their pups yet, but it was still fun to see them.

After San Diego and La Jolla, we drove back north to the wedding reception. We had lots of fun dancing and eating. The decorations were so darling.

 Sunday morning we went to church with the Busby's and had Troy's baby blessing. Again, it was bad timing trying to get family photos- but we managed.