Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We are homeowners! As of this last Friday we are living the American way and officially in debt! (student loans are just a minor debt...) We signed off our lives and got to work! Our first order of business was to remove the awful popcorn ceiling. I have a bajillion photos of the process. But first, here are the before pictures of our house:
Master bath/shower
Master bath/shower
Main floor living room

Main floor living room/entry

Main floor entry




Door to outside/laundry is on the right down that hall

The stairs to the basement

Main floor full bath

Main floor full bath

Main floor full bath (the shower/tub are on the left of the toilet)

Addilyn's room

Addilyn's room

The Husky room (For all you UW fans)

Husky room
You can just assume everything is going to be painted, because it will be. :) The window treatments are what came with the place, but they too will be changed. Here is us in the process of taking our popcorn ceilings down. I didn't have a before picture of our bedroom because I forgot. But here it is in process:
Masks are essential.

What's underneath the popcorn

Master bedroom

The floors get COVERED, so we protect the majority of it with drop cloth. What doesn't get on that gets sucked up by our sweet new shop vac.

Every single ceiling has popcorn, including inside the closets.

The process: spray with hot water and vinegar. I've got some massive forearms now.

This was only the beginning.

The reveal of what's under the wallpaper...MORE wallpaper!
The green wallpaper was super easy to take off. The stuff under it is going to take some skill and chemicals.

We saw this coming. There was some water damage that had been repaired years ago and we were planing on there being some rot. So we made a whole. Good thing Scott knows how to patch drywall! (or at least going to learn how to!) It's no where near what we were expecting, since we were expecting the worst.
My view while I'm in the kitchen at our apartment. Addilyn is staring either at me or Cabo while I'm in there.
And of course, pictures of Addilyn. (and Cabo) She is a growing growing growing girl! I can't believe how much she has changed. Today she discovered her feet for a moment. She is reaching for things and touching everything.
Watching HGTV while I cleaned. Oh I'm terrible, letting her watch TV already...but she was so cute!

Before we left to sign our papers to our house. As you can see she was completely stoked.

Munching on her hands.
I have some more pictures on my phone with her cuddling with her orange duck, but I'm too lazy to get them on here right now. So you'll just have to wait and see them. They are darling.
The humidity in the morning. Yes you could cut it with a knife.