Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our Anniversary

Friday night: We went to the Greensboro Children's Museum for the first time. WHAT you say? We went to a museum that's somewhat close to us for the FIRST time? Ya...this one isn't free for us. But you bet your bottom we went on the $2 a person night (rather than $8)! And as a cool note- this airplane below had of course, seats in it. Scott being the curious guy lifted the seat and saw that they are in fact B/E Aerospace seats. They're in horrible condition. So Scott made it his job to see that B/E donates new seats for the museum. They're going to have a ribbon cutting and everything and have a small exhibit for the kids. I'd say I'm pretty proud of him for that. He didn't even talk to me about it first! He just went ahead! (not that he needs to... normally though I would have heard him mention something about his idea of doing it)

My big kids

Saturday (the day before our anniversary) we went out to an early dinner. We went to this AMAZING oyster bar. We order crab cakes as an appetizer and their full moon platter to split. It contained: crab, oysters, clams, muscles, scallops (we ordered extra of those), shrimp, and buttterrrrrrrrr. It was so amazing, we ordered another one. The waitresses were extremely impressed that we could pound down so much seafood. It was THE best that we've had. They shucked our oysters right there. 
our adorable 3rd wheel
Happy SEVEN years to us!!
Our actual anniversary was on Sunday, August 9th.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Addilyn is in preschool

My baby is in preschool. Like full-fledged away-from-home-we-pay-for-it.