Friday, February 6, 2009


Brian got married! Here is my journal entry for February 1: What a trip. We left Thursday morning at about 5:30 AM for Boise. Wednesday night we didn't go to bed until about midnight because we were still packing. But we left and we stopped at Walmart after an hour or so because Scott was getting really tired. We got Dr. Pepper and some Coke. I wasn't allowed to sleep because I had to keep him awake. I ended up falling asleep while I was singing. Anywho-we got to the airport 2 1/2 hours early and there was no reason because there was no one there! When we got into SEattle, mom, Aunt Maudie, and Unlce Gary picked us up. We stopped at Michaels because we needed to buy a back-up guest book and some pens (which they ended up using). We also stopped at Costco and got samples and a sundae. When we got home we went to work. I started working on the video for the wedding and what not. Brian was in and out. Mariah was in and put picking people up from the airport. That night we went to dad's house and we talked to him about how we all are lost about what's going on with the wedding. I stayed up working on the video until past midnight. Then we woke up and got ready and mom picked us up. We finished the DVD that day and we went to the church on Anacortes where the reception was to set up. (P.S. I gave Cabo a bath on Thursday when we got home) The gym wasn't even started when we got there, and we didn't leave until about 8pm. Scott and I left with Mariah's parents because in the morning I was doing her hair. When we got to the house Scott and I were put to work. I crushed Oreos and Butterfingers, we cut tons of fruit and put them on sticks. We stopped after midnight. When we went to bed, Mariah had 4 boutonnières done and just started on the corsages and hadn't even done her bouquet. In the morning I woke up at 6 AM like we talked about and went out in the kitchen and nobody was up. So I went back to bed assuming she'll just knock on my door. About 6:50AM I got out and Mariah was on the phone. So I ate breakfast and about 7:20ih she was jumping in the shower. I went to do my make up so I would be ready. I started her hare close to 8. (which was when Scott and I were supposed to leave!) Mariah had gone to bed after a melt down sometime around 3:30AM. Scott and I left at sometime after 9 AM and just went straight to mom's. We drove Mariah's car to leave there and then we left with mom, Aunt Maudie, and Uncle Gary to the temple. We got there at 11:20, which was ten minutes before we were supposed to be there. Brian was on time because he left a few hours before. Then Mariah and all of them came probably about 11:45, she was to be there at 11 AM. They got married thought, so it worked. It was awesome. Mariah didn't cry at all, she just laughed most of the time. There is more to my entry, but my time is short and I'll add it later.