Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our Anniversary

Friday night: We went to the Greensboro Children's Museum for the first time. WHAT you say? We went to a museum that's somewhat close to us for the FIRST time? Ya...this one isn't free for us. But you bet your bottom we went on the $2 a person night (rather than $8)! And as a cool note- this airplane below had of course, seats in it. Scott being the curious guy lifted the seat and saw that they are in fact B/E Aerospace seats. They're in horrible condition. So Scott made it his job to see that B/E donates new seats for the museum. They're going to have a ribbon cutting and everything and have a small exhibit for the kids. I'd say I'm pretty proud of him for that. He didn't even talk to me about it first! He just went ahead! (not that he needs to... normally though I would have heard him mention something about his idea of doing it)

My big kids

Saturday (the day before our anniversary) we went out to an early dinner. We went to this AMAZING oyster bar. We order crab cakes as an appetizer and their full moon platter to split. It contained: crab, oysters, clams, muscles, scallops (we ordered extra of those), shrimp, and buttterrrrrrrrr. It was so amazing, we ordered another one. The waitresses were extremely impressed that we could pound down so much seafood. It was THE best that we've had. They shucked our oysters right there. 
our adorable 3rd wheel
Happy SEVEN years to us!!
Our actual anniversary was on Sunday, August 9th.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Addilyn is in preschool

My baby is in preschool. Like full-fledged away-from-home-we-pay-for-it. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of Summer

Thanks to our awesome friends redecorating one of their rooms, we benefited by receiving their loveseat! It's perfect for our front room. I've always been so hesitant on getting one just because our room is so small that anything could easily make it even smaller.
Our last time at Bolton pool for the summer

playing school

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jamestown (Grandma part 3)

My navigator
We stayed in Williamsburg, Virginia the last weekend my mom was here. We left Thursday afternoon and stayed until we left Sunday afternoon. It's less then 4.5 hours from our house so it wasn't a horrible drive. Our first day we went to Jamestown Settlement.
the size comparison to us
Jamestown is where the first English colonists arrived. The actual location is an archeological site. It's a tragic story with these people because most of them died. A famous colonist who came at this time was John Smith. It was one colonist who came who planted the tobacco plant and discovered that it did incredibly well. Here they have a recreation of a Powhatan Indian camp.
grinding the corn
making a canoe

can you spot Levi?
They had all these "stations" where you could learn about different parts about the Indians and how they did things. Here they showed us how they made baskets, rope, and other things with these fibers.
These buildings were amazing
Levi thought they were amazing too
It was so neat to see how they used all the parts of an animal even in their homes. The "fan" Levi is playing with was made out of hardened feathers.
Levi fanning me

Replicas of the ships that came
cook's quarters
 The stairs were really steep
Our kids think we went and saw pirate ships. I mean, really...look at this "colonist". I'm sure he was really just a pirate pretending. Addilyn wasn't so sure about taking the picture with him.

 They had three different sized ships there that had different purposes. One was to go back and forth to England, which is the one we spent the most time on. The other two were for navigating and exploring around America.
We spent the afternoon/evening at Jamestown river. It was super warm, like bath water. It was also very shallow. The picture below we are sitting.

(back inside the museum part of Jamestown, out of order)