Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Body

Her new favorite song, and then a bonus one in the end.
Today we went to the hospital and did a tour. It's definitely different from Madison where we had Addilyn. I will say though that I love the fact that they have bathtubs that they allow you to labor IN your room. With Addilyn it was across the hall. I could hardly make it back into our room after laboring in there for a while.
I've been trying to figure out what things I need to take this time to the hospital. So it was nice going on the tour and getting an idea of what's going to be there. I've been asking people who've delivered at Forsyth hospital and the number one complaint is food- or lack of/timing of it. So I plan on having a cooler there with food for me for whenever I want it. After I had Addilyn all I wanted to do was eat eat eat!
My friends hosted a baby shower for me last weekend. It was really nice! For pictures, she posted a blog on it and will be sending me the rest of them soon. Kayla also took our family maternity picture yesterday morning. She has only posted a few on her blog until she goes through the rest of them. But I absolutely love them.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

32 weeks

There I am. 32 weeks yesterday. I've gained a total of 16 pounds. 6 of which came from the last 4 weeks. His position as of Tuesday was practically horizontal. His head is mostly facing down, with his bum towards my left rib and his feet and arms have free kicking/hitting range on my left hip area and pubic bone. He is most definitely in a different position than Addilyn ever was. She had her feet dangling from my ribs by now. It might have to do with the position of the placenta this time, which is on my right side. I don't ever feel anything much further than a certain point because of it-which is a weird feeling. So that means my middle to left side is being targeted.

The nurse gave me a fetal count sheet at my apt. I laughed. I asked her if I could just mark days that I don't feel him as much as before because he is so incredibly active all the time. She just kind of said, well, take it anyway and mark because the Dr's want it that way. So then she continued to check his heart beat with the doppler and just about croaked. Nurse, "You weren't kidding." Me, "I know." He was basically fighting her from the inside.

I would like to formally deny that "nesting" does not exist. It is simply the idea that I won't be cleaning for a while that makes me deep clean every single corner of our house right now. And the first day of spring cleaning was yesterday. And it's freezing outside right now. So of course I'm going to be scrubbing...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is in the air!


We've had several warmer days (above 55) in the last couple weeks. So we spend our time outside! I know Cabo loves it!

 One Friday afternoon we went to Miller park. It was mid 60's at beautiful. Addilyn loved being out and about.

A co-worker of Scott has come and taken 3 loads of wood from our backyard. And we still have a ton. This of course is all from that same tree we had taken down a year ago. In his spare time, Scott goes back there and chops would for exercise. I just wanted to take a picture of how full we get his truck and trailer and yet he still has plenty more to take!
Our neighbor has puppies...Addilyn (and I) are in love. I just don't think a newborn and a puppy would be a smart move!
 The Forsyth Magazine hosts a Kids Morning Out every so often and different places around our county. Yesterday they held one at the gymnastics place down the road from us. Addilyn had a blast! She would not stop moving!

I invited my new friend/neighbor to the event and our girls are just in love with each other. (Avery is in yellow). Even though Avery is about 6 months older than Addilyn, Addilyn seemed to lead her around. Probably because Addi was so wired she would run from one thing to another and Avery was running right behind her to keep up.


 This last Saturday we went to the Transportation Museum here in Spencer, NC. Addilyn had a blast. We got there at 9:30 and left at 1. She didn't complain the entire time. She just ran around and loved looking at the trains. We even got to ride one.

Inside the mailcart

classic cars

Dad teaching her how a steam engine works

They had a working steam engine that you could drive for $150...ouch! It was loud!

The train we rode

leaving the train station

her lips puckered saying "choochoo" as the train we took left

The train station here is still working and they restore trains all the time. Here is one that was getting worked on. You can see the worker in there.

We watched the train go underneath this walk way

Friday, March 1, 2013


Gah! I am so frustrated with myself.

As Macbook pro's hard drive crashed in January. First of all, I had to diagnose that it had in fact crashed. So then next I would replace it. By myself. I have been psyching myself out to do it. Things like this make me sweat. It's not within my comfort zone because I think computers should be left to computer people. My mom has a tech guy hook up (since my geek squad bro-in-law is on his mission) who sent me links to where to order this hard drive and also a link of a step by step with photos of how to replace it. I went ahead and ordered what I thought I needed. Two days later (today) I got it. My plan was to replace it tonight.

Scott is on a camp out, so I'm home alone going to figure it all out by myself. I open my package containing this hard drive and I have my tools ready to go to work. I followed the steps and everything was working out great. Until the last one. When it says I need a t6 torx screwdriver. Well, the smallest I had was a t10 and there are no substitutes for this incredibly tiny and specific screwdriver. I called/text a friend of mine who has no kids yet to see if she could come over while I went out to go and get this screwdriver. (Addilyn was already asleep) She didn't answer. So then in desperation I call Scott. Of course, no answer. It was to see if by chance he had a secret stash of these screwdrivers that I didn't know about....Then in real desperation I posted it on Facebook. I posted that I needed someone to come over right now....or if they happened to have this screwdriver if they could bring it over. I honestly was in an emotional state because I had already stressed myself thinking about doing this, and then I didn't have the right tool, and I am pregnant.

Another friend of mine called me like 15 minutes after I posted this plea out to Facebook. She said her husband has one and once they situate their kids he'll bring it by. YAY! He drops it off and I get to work. For some reason though, the t6 is just not working. Well, the tutorial is was a t7. Thankfully this tool he had brought has like t5-t15 sizes. I get to work and realize something is very wrong. And it has nothing to do with my screwdriver.

I bought memory. Not a hard drive. GAHHHH. Shows how much I know. Now hopefully my hard drive that I ordered tonight will get here Monday and I can return this stupid memory that I don't need on the same day. I'm now hungry, mad at myself, and really tired. Someone please bring me a mint oreo shake from Cook Out.