Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Levi at 8 months

-loves to cuddle, especially having his face either buried into your face or an armpit/boob
-generally goes to bed ~6:45 and will wake up once or twice right now and eventually wake up at 5:30ish. Then snooze for another hour in bed with me.
-the 'cry-it-out' method we used on Addi is not working on Levi. It's more like the up and down method where we (Scott) picks him up and consoles him until he's sleepy again and lays him back down 
-morning naps are not consistent. Levi ranges from napping between 8:30-10:30 and sometimes it's one nap or two. The time also ranges between 15 minutes to about 45-60 minutes.
-afternoon naps are usually about 2 hours and with me in my bed :)
-UPDATE the last 3 nights he has simply laid down in bed and gone to sleep like he used to (as in nurse, burp, sing, lay down, kiss, "night night, love you Levi", and leave) and sleeps until 6am. WOO! 11 hours!

(smacking his gums, and then at the end "oo! cheerio!")
-would much rather sit on the floor and have free range than sit in the excer-saucer
-currently likes to chew on anything and everything due to his teething
-loves playing with his sister, when she is playing nicely
-enjoys a good book or too when read by Addi

(just look at those cheeks!)
-just beginning to figure out how to get a cheerio into his mouth. He takes them, fiddles with it, and misses his mouth
-loves to eat. period.
-he sees you eat, and demands food.
-nurses whenever he feels like it, he has no timing
(those two shiny things are his first two teeth. it's the best I could do)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Starting off

New Years Eve we went to the Children's Museum. I was pretty excited that Scott could finally come! This was mine and Addilyn's 7th or 8th time coming. And Scott very much agrees that it's pretty cool.


Levi's 2nd time, this time more alert :)

Checking out

It was pretty fun, they had a "Happy Noon Year" for all of the kids. You know, so they could celebrate the New Year without having to stay up until midnight. So we all gathered in a small auditorium and danced and counted down until 12 noon. Addi was not quite sure what was going on, but she had fun!
(I think those are for the kids dad)

New Years Eve we played games with some friends of ours, the Dalrymples and one of the boys. On New Years Day Sean and Jared went with us to Tanglewood Park to do some (you guessed it) geocaching! It was a beautiful chilly day. We saw so many deer- or as Addi says "Reindeer". They blended right in. Addilyn loves Jared (aka Jerry to Addi) and he's a pretty awesome kid. I think we found about 5 caches that day.

Addilyn was so gutsy! She said "Touch them" and went right up to them and tried to touch them. They of course ran away. But she kept saying "Come HERE!" to them. It was pretty darn cute.
Out of all the times that I have to get after Addi for killing Levi...ok not really....but you know... She does have her sweet sisterly moments a lot. She loves to read to Levi, and I think he likes it too! When he's upset she tries to help him by giving him a toy or his pacifier. Speaking of his pacifier...she also likes to hide them. There was one that went missing a while ago and I found it the other day when I went to put my tennis shoes on. It was sitting right in there. Another place? She stuck it in between the changing pad and sheet that goes on it. OR the time when she sticks it under what used to be her bed. OR when she puts it in a purse that she's playing with, or a cubbard, or she just throws it far from him...that girl. We only had two and finally both went missing and we couldn't find them and we had to buy another pack. We found one (in my shoe) but still haven't found the other original.
This sweet boy. For Christmas and New Years he got his wish...his two front (bottom) teeth. The first tooth wasn't so bad. I had suspicions a week or so beforehand that something was going to make its way in. Then one day I saw something and there was a sharp little guy sticking out. This last tooth was not so fun. His sleeping has been thrown off and it probably doesn't help that he's in a different room now. But he would spend his day grouchy and he's got this really awesome high pitched scream that just rings in your ears. Eh. But I think he's finally over that tooth and onto a cold that his beautiful sister passed on. Addilyn's is definitely lasting longer though.
Some other updates about this handsome guy- He's on his way to crawling. I'd give it another month or so before he's actually considered crawling. Right now he just throws himself from sitting to being on all fours, and then makes his way into a modified plank and then to his belly. Levi is definitely mobile in the sense that he rolls himself around to where he wants to go. But right now he's working on his upper body strength. I just can't believe he'll be 8 stinkin months next week. I mean really? I'm pretty sure I went to bed last night and he was this tiny little newborn and I woke up and he's huge.
All dressed up and no where to go.

This morning, right after he spit up on me. I forgive you.
Scott's cousin and his family moved here to Winston-Salem a couple weeks ago. They've got this cute little girl and Addilyn is just elated that she has a cousin here. Brisa will be 2 in March. They came over Sunday night for dessert and then today we (Brytanni her mom, Brisa, me, Addi, & Levi) went to the library and then to lunch.
They are two peas in a pod. I was telling Scott that it's so great that they play well together. And Scott replied, "You mean that it's good that since Addi is bossy that Brisa just does what she says?" Yup, pretty much.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I titled 2013 "Adjusting" and it certainly was that kind of year. (here for that post)
We accomplished most of the things I listed off that we were hoping to do- like having a baby boy...check! Levi was the biggest blessing by far in 2013. He is such a love and is a perfect addition to our family. Another, we paid off our student loans in the spring! Woo! Only 2 years after graduation and both of our loans have been paid. We however did not get our second car...ugh. So lets just move that one on to this years list :) And in 2013 Scott and I celebrated FIVE years of marriage.  2013 was a wonderful year for us. We had a TON of fun- road trips, plenty of baseball games, geocaching, swimming, and family. We said good-bye to our Cabo, but his spirit still remains when Addilyn talks about him.

As for 2014...what to expect? Well, I think I might title the year: Establishing 
Why? Well, we're a little bit more established here in Winston-Salem and we are ready to take on this year. We have a good idea as to what events happen during the year, where to go to do what, and we are ready to take it on! Our traditions are becoming more solid in our family and we get excited to do them.

For the year 2014 we plan/hope/wish/dream for:

- Finally going out west at some point

- Having a double birthday bash with a THREE and ONE year old in May

- Getting that second car....

- Sleep through the entire night

- Having an awesome garden

- Adding to our family by 4 legs

Again, 2013 was a wonderful year. Our growing family and extended family- isn't that what it's all about? We've had friends come and go and old friends to catch up with. Thanks for reading our life on our blog for yet again another year. We love to look back at the last several years and how things have changed for us.

As a side note- those 4 legs are going to have paws on them, so don't get any ideas :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Growing up

Addilyn has moved up in the world. She is now snoozing in a twin bed. She was so beyond excited when we were shopping for it and then when we set it up. But she was sad the first day when she saw her crib in Levi's room. I haven't heard her complain since.

These two.

A little Christmas

We brought up the Christmas tree one night planning to just put it up while Addilyn was in bed. As soon as she saw the box, that plan was spoiled. She had to have it up as soon as possible. Decorating happened another night, but she was in such awe of the tree, and still is. In the mornings Addilyn will get something to step up on to flip our light switch and screams "Beautiful!!" and makes us come and look at the tree. I'm not looking forward to taking it down...
Listening to Grandpa Jadwin read "the Santa book"
a winner.
Decorating the tree
Addilyn did so well decorating the tree. And on top of that, the entire time the tree was up she did a good job of not touching it. I think she was too awe struck to even think about it.
A random heat wave in December...
In the parking garage during the fire alarm
Scott's company hosts a Christmas party in downtown Winston-Salem every year (at least this was our 3rd time coming). Unfortunately it landed on the same night as our church Christmas party. Our neighbor was able to stay at our house while our kids slept so that we could go to the party. They had yummy food and some great dancing! That's really why Scott and I go, an excuse to dance! It was a blast. During the dinner the fire alarm went off because one of the plates ran out of water and started smoking. Oops!
I have to tell you a secret about this dress that I'm wearing. I bought it at Goodwill for $5. I was so excited to wear a dress since I wasn't planning on nursing and I had been keeping my eye out for one that I might want for this party. I tried it on and loved it. My only thing was that there was some interesting rouching (sp?) on the sides. It wasn't totally noticeable. Then I realized. It's a Gap maternity dress. Of course. I decided that even if I don't end up wearing it for the party, it's a really cute maternity dress for next time. And no one could tell at the party too for the record.

Christmas Eve morning we were cooking! We had to do rolls, Santa cookies, and some other dishes for our dinner. Addilyn was so excited for these cookies and she did a great job at helping me. Aside from the handfuls of coconut that she was shoving in her mouth....
Leading up to Christmas Addilyn has been eye-balling the presents under the tree. She never touched them! I asked her about the presents and she plainly told me that we were opening them on Jesus's birthday. She pointed to the picture of Christ on our wall and said "baby Jesus birthday!". I was so proud of myself (and her...). 

Christmas Eve we had the missionaries over for dinner. We had enough food to feed at least 20 people FULL. A 20 pound turkey, 30 rolls, 50 serving frog-eye salad, 5 pounds worth of mashed potatoes, yam and marshmallow dish, home made egg nog, steamed carrots and THREE pies. Umm. I don't know how to feed a small crowd apparently! We were so full and hardly made a dent that we decided to have the Elders over Christmas night and have pie.
Christmas Eve Addilyn wrote a card to Santa telling him to have a cookie and some milk and thank you for any gifts that he might leave behind. She wrote it in squiggly lines of course, but she tried! It was too darn cute. She kept saying, "Santa cookies! Santa's milk!" 

Christmas morning

Addilyn was on an emotional roller coaster while we were opening presents. She would be on a rush opening a present and then crash when we told her to wait so someone else could open a present. Addi was more then happy to assist Levi with his. She was ready to open anything and it didn't matter whose it was. She was a crazy girl. She was scream "Woah! Woah! Woah!" as she opened presents. 

As for all that food we made for Christmas Eve? Well, first of all, how grateful am I that I could have such a meal?! What a blessing. We froze 80% of our turkey and made broth with the carcass and made turkey and dumpling soup. When Scott would as what we were eating we would simply rotate between turkey sandwiches, soup, and a mini version of the main dinner. We didn't have to cook for quite some time.