Monday, June 24, 2013

Manassas, Virginia

Scott had a business trip to Manassas, VA last week that we were all able to go with. He gets everything paid for, rental car, hotel, and food. So all we had to pay for was my food and whatever activities I did during the day. Sweet! Before we left Tuesday after lunch, Addilyn was a model for his work. They needed a 2 year old to test the placement of a seat belt and conveniently, Addi is 2.
She was sooooo good- did not know what was going on. But it was very cute to watch her with all the people around watching. I had Levi in the bjorn (front pack carrier) and everyone was checking him and her out.

She let this guy adjust the seat belt without any complaints. She just sat their watching and chewing her finger.
Once we left we drove the supposedly 5 hours to Manassas. I say that because we stopped for dinner and then got stopped in traffic for nearly 2 hours. We didn't get into our hotel room until nearly midnight.
One of the stops we made to get gas/nurse Addi and Scott went walking around and she picked me some flowers. :)
Manassas is an old town that has a lot of civil war history. You may have heard of the Battle of Bull Run if you're from the north or First/Second Battle of Manassas (there were 2 battles there, 13 months apart). Our hotel was 1/2 a mile from the battle field. Wednesday morning Scott didn't have to be into work until 1, so that was our first stop.

the battlefield

Stonewall Jackson (no, he did not die here, he was just a great inspiration in this battle)

This monument was one of the very first built in the 1800's and is fenced off. That obviously meant nothing to Addilyn. 
Throughout the week while Scott worked, Addi, Levi, and I went to a bunch of different parks. We only went to the hotel to nap. We also ate extremely well. Since Scott's food is paid for, he would order an appetizer, meal, and dessert. I just had to pay for my meal. It was great!

(putting her to work)
one of our awesome appetizers

alligator, again, appetizer
On Friday morning, we went to Old Manassas downtown and visited the train station and their museum. I wasn't totally impressed. But, really the museum is walking around downtown and actually visiting the old buildings. The admission to the museum paid for and walking tours that you wanted to go on. Unfortunately with a 2 y/o and infant I knew that wasn't going to happen. 

We waited for a train to come and Addilyn enjoyed herself pushing her brother and chasing birds. The people at the train station didn't realize until the second look that he was a real baby. hehe
Friday Scott was supposed to run 2 tests, however the parts that were needed to do them had not come in. So after the train station and museum, we went and picked him up and headed to the D.C. temple. It's located near Bethesda, Maryland. Addi was so thrilled to be there. She kept saying "tem-pole!" and "sing!". Whenever she sees a picture of a temple she wants us to sing the primary song, "I love to see the temple". We only stayed for an hour because of traffic we wanted to make it to our friends for dinner.
walking up to touch the temple. this is the baptistry entrance.

sitting next to the doors at the main entrance

That night we drove down to Alexandria, VA where Scott's college roommate David and his wife live. We went to a park and ate tacos. Their oldest son John and Addi had so much fun together playing. Maybe too much fun...
there was a lot of hand holding... :)
Saturday morning we drove into D.C. We were walking by 10am and the in the car driving home by 5pm. It was a LONG day. But it was great! We figured we walked 6 miles. Scott carried Levi and I pushed the stroller. Really half the time Addi pushed it. It was hot in the sun, but with the blanket wet and hanging over Levi, he was actually chilled. It was a success in my eyes because no one got sunburned! Not even the slightest bit pink.
I just realized I don't have any pictures of the Jefferson Memorial. But that was really our first stop because we parked near it. These first 3 are from the FDR memorial. Addi is with the dog, and I really wish I caught it, but she was giving him kisses and petting him. 

Most of the pictures in DC of Addi are of her itching a bug bite, looking down, or pointing at an airplane that was flying by. And believe me, it was about every 5-10 mins they were flying by. 
Martin Luther King JR memorial
Washington Monument in the back, it had scaffolding all on it

WWII Memorial
After getting some hot dogs off the street, we went to the American History Museum where David and his family joined us. While we waited for them, Addi decided to escape and run up the stairs. 
 I don't know what it was, but Addi would not lay off John. All she wanted to do was smooch him. Here they are in the elevator. Gosh.
action shot
In the museum one of the exhibits we saw was the In Motion or something-rather. It was all about transportation and the evolution in the U.S. Below is a picture of a statue sitting in a mock train station. Addi was trying to get her to stand up. :)
On our walk back (which took forever) to the car, Addilyn fell asleep. Poor girl. She did so incredibly well all day she just passed out. I was so done. The last time I had worked out was labor/delivery and before that, not much. Since I've had Levi I can easily walk the 1 mile loop around our house. But like I said earlier, we walked at least 6 miles. My lower abs, back, and hips were shot. But we had fun and I'm so glad we went!
The drive home was nice. We only stopped twice and made it in 5.5 hours. We were exhausted. Sunday, yesterday, was my birthday. I consider this vacation my birthday present. I say that because my actual birthday only went well until we got home from church. Addi was still tired from our trip and was melting down. Scott passed out, I nursed Levi but never really got a nap. By the time I had the opportunity to do so, it was 5pm. A wee bit late to do it. I had 5 voicemails and a lot of texts from family/friends that I hadn't responded to wishing me Happy Birthday. After Addilyn was in bed we conked out. So thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great week.

Also, to add to this awesome week, my brother's wife had their baby! Saturday at 7:45 am, Delilah Rose was born! I can't wait to meet her (and her sister at that) in December. (right Brian? right?)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Handsome is an understatement when it comes to Levi. He's got these perfect smooching lips (for mommy only, well, I take that back. For Addilyn too. He has no choice.) And even though he's suffering from a little baby acne on his cheek and nose, he still has this beautiful complexion. 
Levi's only challenge in life right now is his sister. So far he is surviving her love attacks. The other week I had to try and teach Addilyn what breathing was and it was important that we let everyone breathe, including Levi. Well, that lesson has yet to stick. And it's hard for me to not display any frustration or anger when Addilyn is giving Levi love to the point of him crying. I don't want to give her the wrong idea about her loving him, I just want to keep both parties happy. For example, she is always ripping out his pacifier when he's nice and content. Why does she do this you ask? It's so she can kiss his lips. So how can I get at Addilyn for making him cry by removing his pacifier to only kiss him? Ah. See the pickle I'm in?!
Hanging out in the back of the van waiting for dad to get off work.
Levi turned 4 weeks/1 month this past week. And on that day I had a dentist appointment. I had a friend come over with her daughter Hailey to watch both Addi and Levi. Ashley said everything went really well. Addilyn shared all of her toys really well. When they left Addilyn was so upset. She really loved her playtime.

4 week old bod shot
in all her cuteness
To our walks to the park we are still trying to figure out the best way to transport. Our bike stroller has been awesome. But the other day I tried just having Addilyn walk and I carried Levi in the bjorn. It went really well on the way there. But the way back took for.ev.errrrrrr. 

We had a storm the day before and there were sticks all around. So Addi took her sweet sweet time to pick them all up. The walk to the park to about 20 minutes (which normally without her walking would take about 5-8.) The way home took nearly 40 minutes. Ugh. I was done. I'm not complaining or anything because it was nice and cool and not humid. But my shoulders were getting tired of holding Levi.  

Addi has a cold. First her nose was runny, and this morning she woke up with it being stuffy. I went to Target with just Levi and asked the pharmacy if they had any decongestant for 2 year olds. Unfortunately they don't make things like that. So all of her suggestions we already had. Poor girl. During the day she deals pretty well. But it's those darn naps and bedtimes when she has no distraction that she remembers she doesn't feel very well. And now Levi has a few extra boogers in his nose that he'd prefer to not have. Oh germs.  
The past month or so every Saturday Addi hangs out outside with Scott while he does yard work. She is a great helper and when she's not helping dad, she's occupying herself with her toys or whatever she finds to do. It's so great because it allows me to do things in the house without having to fend for Levi at the same time. He has some alone time and can lay on the floor without his sister nearby :) Our neighbor came over this evening and she was saying how her husband was loving watching Addi today while he mowed his lawn. (they've got about an acre of just grass and he was on his riding mower for a couple hours) He mentioned how he thinks it's so great that every Saturday she gets to hang out all day with her dad. I think it's pretty great too. 
I had planted bulbs last year and these are the first to come up and bloom. I have more bulbs that have come up and are waiting to bloom later in the summer. Unfortunately this lily was the only one to survive. But it is beautiful!