Monday, October 31, 2011


Just look at that bottom lip...

She likes to eat her mom

This was just a cute picture from Scott's phone

This year, I did our pumpkin all by myself.

Hopefully you can tell it's a tree

Our "family" costume
Addi's original ladybug costume was from Grandma Jadwin. But when we tried it on, she was too long for it. So I had to go to the thrift store and pick some up. I bought two-the ladybug and this monkey one. The monkey outfit fit her better, but it was too boyish. So she got stuck with the larger ladybug costume.
But she did look stinking cute in this one.

She really liked it too.

Like I said in my previous post, I have never really experienced a real fall. So I'm the creeper/tourist pulling over on the side of the road taking pictures of trees. Yes that's me.

These two above and below are along side the parking lot of our church. So beautiful. The pictures don't even do it justice. The saturation and the sun coming through was breath taking. Like I said, the pictures don't do it justice.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Addilyn sitting in a high chair for the first time.
One of our biggest things that we've done since we've been here! What better way to get to know a place than to eat their food. And that food? It would be BBQ. We went to another place recommended to us last Friday. They serve both kinds of BBQ. Now you may be wondering, what do you mean both kinds? Well, here in NC they have Lexington and Eastern BBQ. Lexington BBQ is vinegar based sauce and Eastern is tomato based. You will just have to come and try for yourself which one you like best. But one thing both have in common? They are always, always served with hush puppies!
Cabo riding with us to pick up Scott from work.
One thing I can definitely get used to around here is the fall. Growing up in Washington (also known as the Evergreen State), you hardly see a real change in the season from summer to fall. There are a few trees that change colors, but nothing too major. But here, there are like no Evergreen trees. Just tons of changing colors all around. It is so beautiful. This is one of our trees in our front yard.  

Notice all of the leaves on our front deck.

Another thing about the fall here is that it's been in the 70's up until yesterday. Today it dropped to the 50's and will stay in the low-mid 60's for the rest of the week. (I'm not complaining!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Addilyn Meets Addison

Lance and Karen White moved into the ward a week after we did. On their first Sunday we sat next to each other and was asking questions about who was who- but both of us didn't know- and then we realized we were both new. Karen at the time was very pregnant (in fact, her due date was today) and Addilyn was just a few months old. I'd say we all had it in our minds that we were going to be friends and our girls were going to be BFF's (best friends forever) since they were going to be about 5 months apart!
Yesterday Addilyn and I went to the hospital to meet her new best friend. Karen and Lance were like us with the name, they didn't tell anyone what it was going to be. They knew all along that their names were super similar and in fact they would share the same nick name- Addi. It was destiny. Addison Blythe White was born October 18 at 7 lbs 6 oz and 20in long. Addilyn was so cute because she was so fascinated by Addison once she realized there was a baby in the room.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toes, bunny ears, pillows

Another Addilyn post

These ears were bought for her when she was born because she was originally due on Easter!

One of her 3 Yankee outfits, courtesy of her Nana (my stepmom who is the only Yankee fan in my family)

Addilyn sitting up on her own! She decided to do it, and she is. Pillows were for her tipping over.
Addilyn below: eating sweet potatoes for the first time! Her face was priceless and she loves them. The bottom video is her rocking out in her excer-saucer. She loves that thing and she was having a blast by herself.

Dixie Classic Fair & the Zoo

It's a week or so late- so deal. Last Thursday night Scott and I went to the fair here in Winston-Salem. Our plan was to not go around looking at the animals or any of the other attractions. It was to ride as many rides as we could. Scott is not a roller coaster person, he is freaked out by the safety of the rides and his stomach is not so iron-like. We got coupons for the wrist bands to ride the rides, and so did everyone else. There were a million lines and we didn't get to ride on nearly as many as I wanted to (due to the lines and Scott getting queezy after the Tilt-a-Whirl) That night was also Addilyn's first being babysat. Our friends Lance and Karen took on the job and said that she was great. Oh good!

Then last Saturday we went to the zoo. One of the perks of Scott's work is they offer either discounted things or free things! One of the free things was tickets to the zoo and lunch! Enjoy the pictures.
Love this one with the reflection of Addi!

Checking out the baboons, Addi was more interested in the people

The ostrich was poking his head through the fence

It's mating season and we heard him making his call to a lady

At the elephant exhibit

What a cutie

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rice Cereal

For the record: I personally wanted to nurse Addilyn until she was 6 months old. From everything I have studied at school and learned from doctors, it is prime to solely nurse until 6 months of age. However, my little girl had alternative plans. She has been fascinated by food for quite some time. She studies us as we put the fork in our plates and then to our mouths. She mimics us and opens her mouth when we "tease" her. So as mentioned in a previous post about her last doctors appointment, it's been pretty much a green light for her to start eating some real food. So just 3 days shy of being 5 months old (wait...she's almost 5 months? when did that happen???) she officially had her first meal of rice cereal. Scott was so stinking excited to feed her. The video below captures her very first time. I apologize for the terrible camera work, but I was watching her, not the video.
Addilyn was wanting the food to be non stop (like when she nurses) and she wanted to keep sucking (like when she nurses). So she was trying to suck on her hand, her bib, the spoon...and then eat in between. It was very cute watching her. She's a natural at eating like her mom and dad.

She kept moving around in excitement so the pictures are also not that baby is growing up!