Thursday, January 27, 2011

27, trip, pregnancy, school...

 Me at 27 weeks a like 3 days. It's hard to believe that I'm in my last trimester a few days shy of 7 months. I've had to take my wedding ring off because my hands swell too much to keep it on. I can't sleep unless I have my body pillow. The other night Scott was watching her move around and I started to laugh-which made my belly button shoot all the way out. It grossed me out and I kept laughing, because when I stopped it went back in. It was tooooo weird!!
 When I was home I was reminded that it was our flooding season. Yes, western Washington has a flood season. It was unseasonably warm while I was there (it might of hit the 60's) which was only worse for the floods. Monday was MLK day and mom didn't have school. So we left in the morning to our favorite breakfast spot Fays out in the country. Well, we forgot that the last little bit of the drive was in the farmlands where it's flooding. We stopped here, then convinced ourselves to go. (we're so dumb!) Mind you our convincing statement was when we could still see the road markings under the water, since it was dirty water we figured it wasn't very deep. Well, we didn't think about how far we'd have to drive in this, around the bend for quite a while. At the end we couldn't see the lines any more. Finally we got out of it and pulled up to Fay's only to find it was CLOSED!! Instead of turning around we went on to the freeway which was about a mile away. Again, another water over roadway sign, but it was nothing compared to what we had just gone through. We ended up eating at Denny's on the other side of the freeway and then continued our shopping spree all day.
After my trip to Washington, I stayed at Brian and Mariah's house for the night. I won in Scrabble (amazing). The next day before my trip from Boise to Rexburg we spent the majority of it at the library, all so I could get my homework done. LAME. But it was really neat seeing my cute little nephew Jaxson!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

25 weeks & First day

 25 weeks and a few days profile and full frontal. Well, maybe not full frontal, but it feels like it. Yes, my belly button has made it's appearance. I had an appointment this morning, and since my last one I gained 10 pounds! I went from only gaining 1 pound my entire pregnancy to a whole 10 in 4 weeks!!! I have never fluctuated so much in my entire life. I couldn't stop laughing I was so shocked!
First day of school. My last first day forever and Scott's last first day as an undergrad.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I don't know if you remember these and here....but it's all part of silly girls. To read more about it, and how to start your own group, visit this blog here. They are so much fun and they always turn out amazing. To see the Facebook page, go here. It's been amazing to see how many people have joined this once little group!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just have to mention that I didn't even know it was the New Year until about 12:08am this morning...oops!

Well, I don't see a point in doing a 2010 review, since you can skim through the 2010 blog posts. For 2011, we are expecting a lot of things to happen. In fact, yesterday (or was it this morning?) Scott and I decided that we will have the most eventful year yet in 2011. In order:

Both Scott and I graduate from BYU-Idaho.
Scott picks the grad school we will go to (which will determine where we will be for the next couple years)
Scott and I become parents.
We move to wherever grad school is!

Basically 2011 is titled "The Year of the Unknown" for us!
Other titles I've come up with for the past years for the Smith's:
2008- "A New Life"
2009- "Getting to Know You"
2010- "New Adventures"