Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seattle Christmas 2009

So I never talked about our Seattle trip. For those of you who do not know this, but I grew up an hour north of Seattle. Seattle is just a good general location to reference.

Our trip was full of splitting time between my mom and dad's house, my best friend receiving her endowments and then getting married, shopping, Lights of Christmas, eating seafood, and being with my dog Cabo.

Scott and I went to the Lights of Christmas. I told him that I really want to take him but didn't describe very much as to what it was all about. Near the house I grew up in Warm Beach, there is a Christian camp that spends thousands of dollars in electricity putting up lights. They have lots of entertainment and wonderful lights. Scott was completely impressed. No it was not worth the amount of money that they raised it to, but he was still very much impressed.

Christmas Eve we ate Cioppino. YUM. The one thing I miss about Washington food is the SEAFOOD.

Katrina got married December 29th. Yay! Then our other friend Brent got married the day we flew out January 2nd.

Overall our break was lovely.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Semester in Review

I think that this would be a good tradition to start in my here it goes!

The fall semester started in early September. Before school officially started we went to the Southeast Idaho fair in Blackfoot. We love petting the animals, at least I do. And Scott likes going to the booths that have guy stuff.

Scott was finished doing all testing of his trebushet and went to compete in Salmon Idaho.

For Halloween we launched pumpkins from the trebushet and we dressed as Napoleon and Pedro again.

We baked cookies for the first time together ever and had a blast.

We made new awesome friends.

Scott had his birthday, and it was a surprise!

But as a whole, our semester was super busy (like most). I worked in the Spori computer lab for the 3rd semester in a row, and Scott worked in the machine shop in the Austin as well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Chirstmas List

Settlers of Catan & the extension pack
Any board game really, but especially Settlers of Catan
Camping lantern that screws onto a small green propane bottle
Oil catch pan
Car jack
Fingerless mittens (both Scott & Lori)
Pampered Chef Chopper
Pampered Chef can opener
Anything really from Pampered Chef
Bag clips
Winter Socks (both Scott & Lori)
Regular socks (both Scott & Lori) and we like the Costco kind
Pressure Cooker
Cleaning supplies
Anything camping related
Camping axe
Lap top carrying case for Lori (fits a MacBook Pro 13")
Pants for both Scott and Lori (or giftcard to get them)
Costco or WINCO giftcard
Movies, like Hitch, The Prestige, Night at the Museum, any Meg Ryan romantic movie, SWAT, The Italian Job, What Women Want, Hairspray, newest Batman movies, Jumanji, The World's Fastest Indian, Eagle Eye know
Boy stuff for Scott
Girl stuff for Lori

Dream stuff:
Netbook for Scott that has all his programs he needs
Nikon D90 SLR camera for Lori

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the end is near!

I don't know how I'm doing it today, that is blogging. I have so much to do! I don't even have time to cook! Well, we also are trying not to buy any groceries because we'll be gone for 2 weeks. So it makes it harder to do quick meals! But really, it's finals week and next week we're all done! Wow! I'm excited for it to end though, that means I'm done with my math class! YES!
It has also been trying really hard to snow. Lately the average temp here is 8 during the day, but when ever I'm out walking it's usually in the 2-3 range and a windchill of -15. I'm so happy I'm not a winter student! This picture Scott took of me this morning as I put on my chains to my shoes. I am wearing 3 jackets, a beanie, and pants under my jeans. It is cold out there!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Biggest cooking mistake ever.

The purpose of me cooking today was for a dinner that Scott's ASME is putting on. I'm supposed to be there at 6 with dinner rolls. The recipe I chose to do is Scott's mom's oatmeal dinner rolls which are delish. I've never made them before, but how hard are rolls? The key to making her rolls is that you need to make sure the oatmeal you cook is completely cool (so it doesn't kill the yeast).

Well I was totally confident at the start of the cooking. I did the oatmeal and took the bowl and set it outside our door. I did that because it is extremely colder outside than in my freezer. Well I had no problems with that, I brought the oatmeal in and it was really cold! Perfect.

I continue with doing my yeast, water, sugar, flour, and salt. I see a problem. My dough doesn't seem right. It's almost as though there is not enough water. So I call Shirley, Scott's sister. We talk about it and she mentions butter...well butter is on the ingredient list but never mentioned in the directions. No biggy. I soften some butter and put it in. It still doesn't seem right.

Problem solved...right? Wrong! I realized that when I did my oatmeal, my slightly dyslexic mind switched the "4" in "4 cups water" instead of doing 2 cups of oatmeal. So as I retrace my steps, my confused mind got worse when I was reading the directions on the oatmeal container. I had planned on doubling the recipe, so I converted the 8 cups of oatmeal. However I'm still special when it comes to reading recipes, and I did 7 cups cups of oatmeal.

WOW. So I tried recovering my mistake...ya, well, it would have been a lot easier if I hadn't already added my other ingredients. Long story short, I said screw it and started to multiply everything by 3.5 (that was my conversion rate that I had done...). It was going well until I realized how much flour I needed. least 64 cups. Ya right. So I finished adding all my other ingredients and used another bowl and poured the majority of my concoction into another bowl. I then continued adding flour to the smaller portion and went until the consistency looked right.

As of right now my smaller portion is in the process of rising. I really don't think that I'm going to have them done by 6. The pictures I have here are of my bowl filled with most of the stuff, and the other is what I have rising. Updates coming with my results. I am officially special!
4:55 Update:
I might have saved myself...but man this is the worst I've done it when it comes to reading recipes. I went back into the kitchen to see if my smaller portion was even rising. It didn't look like it was progressing. However, the smaller bowl with the rest of it (pic above) was definitely rising, it was almost overflowing. So I had to go into saving mode. I switched the dough and liquid in the opposite bowl. With the big bowl now having the most of the disaster, I decided to try adding flour and see what would happen. I think I really helped it when I added wheat flour. But we shall see.

My dad needed to see the final product! This is what I brought to the dinner. They were delish, even though a tad doughy in the middle, but not bad from how it went.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!

Woo! What a week.
Scott started the week with working at his future job for the winter semester. He will be at Diversified Metals in IF doing estimating. He just had a taste of what he'll be doing, and he thinks he will love it. Yay!
We had "5" Thanksgiving dinners...if you include all you can eat pies at the school Tuesday night. But it was great. Tuesday=pie Wednesday=ward dinner Thursday=Turkey day Friday=pizza Saturday=friends house Sunday=Brian's house. We are as they say STUFFED!