Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grandma & Aunt Maudie

Grandma Jadwin and Aunt Maudie came for a little over two weeks. Here is their vacation in photos. I tried to make them as much in order as I could. But between all the cameras, I did the best I could!
Playing with Grandma's new camera

Target shopping


Isn't she just a doll??

Playing with a skirt from Greece
Farmers Market

Canning Dilly Beans


In her Grecian dress her grandma got her while in Greece

As close as we could get to authentic Greek salad

Reynolda Village

Breakfast of champs. Aunt Maudie's 60something birthday

dinner- Little Richards
I have no idea why my photos upload so badly!
Dessert- Frogurts. Your Bday you get free yorgurt

We ate SO much food when they came. Oh, I'm still stuffed. Here's about everywhere we ate: Firehouse Subs, Grecian Corner, Chinese Buffet, Buffalo Wings, Little Richards, Chic-Fil-A, Frogurts, Krispy Kremes,

Weird upload. Frogurts.
Playing in the sprinkler after a walk

Before with our wings

she looks like she's puking. But really, she just had that hanging out of her mouth while she stared at the tv for a while.
After all the wings
Chinese Buffet

(weird upload)
 One of the days we went to Tanglewood Park. They newly renovated their water park. It is a BLAST. Next year we will get a pass. It was so much fun. Addilyn is a true water baby.

The lazy river with our friend Kayla

Strawberry snack time

Bath time with dad!
The library
Chinese Buffet. The best ever.

Salem College
One of our many trips to Goodwill.
Farmers Market. (Kayla also came, on the right)
I'm probably missing some pictures, and they are a little out of order (especially at the end). We had so much fun with Grandma and Aunt Maudie. We did lots of Goodwill shopping, cooking, eating, canning, napping, walking, swimming, sweating, eating...oh I already said that. It was great! They babysat Addilyn for us when we went to the beach and on our anniversary night. When we were gone, they rented a car and took a drive....I gave them directions on how to get to places based on leaving from our house. Well, they now understand by what we mean when the roads are crazy here. They spent several hours LOST going from Walmart to Costco. Addilyn was a trooper we heard. They are missed!