Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Addi preparing for grandpa by playing on his bed.
We had such an awesome week with my dad here. He flew in Friday morning and left on a Thursday afternoon. Friday when he got in, he slowly introduced himself to Addilyn again. The last time they saw each other, Addi was 2 weeks old. So she changed A TON!! These photos are out of order by the days we did them. Sorry!
eye level

Cabo on his new bed.
Bowman Gray stadium- Saturday night
Tuesday at the Durham Bull game
Monday- At the library for story time!
Grandpa reading a bedtime story
she loved the story!
playing with grandpa's goatee
Saturday- at the dog park!
Saturday- went to hobby park to watch the planes
Tuesday- BBall game our awesome seats
Wednesday- rib night!

Tuesday- at the game
Handsome pooch
Addilyn playing in the dirt with grandpa
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His new bed from grandpa
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playing with grandpa's hair
at the store printing pictures!
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At the game!
it was hot!
outside the ball park

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Grayson Highlands!

Thursday after work, Scott and I high-tailed it out of Winston-Salem to Grayson Highland State Park in Virginia. We had made reservations originally back when we went and did the Virginia Creeper Trail last fall but canceled on the camping portion. We couldn't get our money back so we reserved it for Friday night. We went up a night early and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was awesome!
They have a gazillion different trails you can go on. In fact, the first trail we took hooked up with the Appalachian trail. I was rather excited. Being from the west coast, I've only heard about this famous trail and the people who spend months hiking it. Well to our luck....we met one of those courageous hikers! He'd been on the trail since the middle of MARCH!! He was taking it slow. Apparently 1/4 of the trail is in Virginia. Who knew?
On our first trail there were wild, WILD, ponies. We heard that they were fairly friendly, or as friendly as they could be for being wild. Since they hang around in this area they are used to hikers for the most part. The sign said not to pet or handle or anything like it. But we couldn't help ourselves. We dared each other to get as close as we could. You can see how the photos progress we got closer and closer....

I saw how close Scott got, so I got even closer. Close enough that the horse came right up to me. I PETTED a wild pony. I was really high on adrenaline when he started coming at me, you could only imagine. But it was awesome.

Since I pet that pony, Scott figured it'd be safe enough to try it too, especially with Addilyn. He said after I had pet one, "Well, I didn't want to get too close in case they nipped at her." Ya ya ya...but he went and pet that one too.

Of course we had Cabo with us. What a great trail dog. I've mentioned this in our blog before, but he's a spectacular dog.
We got creative with how we fed Addilyn on this trip. It was her first time camping and she did incredibly well. She's a natural. The first night the 3 of us went to bed together (we brought Cabo's kennel) and slept great. The 2nd night Addi was beyond tired and went to bed early. The only real classy thing we do when camping is use an air mattress. I was super skilled and put her to sleep early and even on the air mattress managed to get out and zip the tent back with her still sleeping. The best part was an hour or so later when we went to bed. Scott and I got into our bed with out waking her up! She slept in the middle of us both nights. What a trooper.

In the early afternoon we went on another hike to a waterfall. This park is famous for it's wild rhododendrons. They weren't blooming yet, not until June. But I was just mesmerized imagining all of them in bloom. It was absolutely beautiful.

I had to add this picture of Cabo. He is by far not a water dog. But on our hikes he gets so hot and thirsty he just walks right into whatever source of water he finds.

I was hoping I could photoshop these two picture together, but they were taken at such different angles it wouldn't fly. The waterfalls were so pretty. They were lined with the rhododendron bushes. Could you just picture these waterfalls surrounded by millions of massive blossoms?!

The tree was falling, so I assisted it.

Scott kept pointing at the map and so Addi started to follow suite.
This morning we went and hiked the twin pinnacles. What's funny is the picture above shows 2 mountains. Or at least that's what people out east call them. Mt. Rogers on the right is the highest peak in Virginia. (I am hysterically laughing at the idea of this). It has an elevation of 5,729 feet. Washington's (where I am from) highest is Mt Rainier at 14,410 and Idaho's (where we just moved from) highest is Mt Borah at 12,662. By the way, Scott hiked to the top of Borah.

Don't mind the wind blown look.
Overall we had a wonderful camping trip. I thought it was especially great because I packed everything and did a great job of it. I only forgot to bring myself a sweatshirt. But I brought Scott two. We love our van. And Cabo again, was a fabulous trail dog.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy First Birthday!

Our sweet little girl is 1! Her big day was on Friday. We walked into her room in the morning and sang...you can see from the video she didn't really know what was going on. Her party was Saturday morning. We had a BBQ and in lieu of gifts, we had people bring a side. It was so fun. I was busy all week making cupcakes and cake pops. Here are the photos I have, but more from other cameras will be coming.

The day ended with a huge water fight. It was great. What a great day!