Saturday, April 30, 2011


Scott got a job! We will be moving to Winston Salem, North Carolina for Scott to start work at B/E Aerospace on June 6th. The company has an amazing relocation package that pays for everything, and then some. We will start out by living in a company furnished apartment for up to 60 days until we find our own place. When you look at the map we are in between Raleigh and Greenville.
Since our little one thinks I'm more comfortable then the outside world, we've been killing time. One day my mom and I took our friend Kayla from back home and got pedicures. It was her first time.
 Drying our toes and after.
Yesterday we went to Rebekah's house and used her sewing machine. She is also pregnant if you couldn't tell and is due right at the beginning of June. I finished a couple of things and made this lovely nursing cover that you can see below.

Since Cabo has been here, he has been staying at the Kirkam's house. Every night and morning we go and get him. Yes, it snowed 2 nights ago believe it or not. But it has since melted-almost all the way. For Scott he's been killing time by doing house work for the family. It's good for him to take time off from waiting with my mom and I for the baby and it's good for the family who's benefiting from him.
Hopefully my next post will be one with pictures of the baby. I have a feeling she's going to make her arrival in May...

Monday, April 25, 2011

40 weeks today

Well, after midnight tonight she is officially overdue. We went to the doctor today and he tried to see how far along I am. However he could not because she is so low he couldn't get to my cervix to tell- which is a good thing. Today on her due date I gave my dog Cabo a bath. He was not happy and tried very hard to escape. So I got a good workout doing that. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The life of graduates

Scott flew to Winston-Salem, North Carolina this last Wednesday. He got a call the morning before seeing if he was available to leave the next day. He interviewed with B/E Aerospace there. It is the same company that he was an intern for in Marysville, Washington where we met. It's a testing facility and quite different from the one in Marysville.
Scott interviewed with 7 different people, one who had a team with them. Overall he felt he did really well in his interviews and both of us would be surprised if he did not get an offer to work there. The original person who called Scott about the position there is a member of the church. Scott interviewed with him- and he's in fact the bishop of his ward (and doing some recruiting...haha).
These photos are from the night he got into North Carolina. He spent probably 10 hours there and the rest of the time traveling. He came back Thursday night- a two day trip on 6 different airplanes just to get out there. Yuck.

The next morning he left for Eastern Washington University for a competition. It didn't go so well for him- maybe because a lack of sleep and time zone changes? He thought he did better than the other presentations- and after hearing about the others, he definitely did. He finally got home Sunday evening.

During this time of him being gone, I spent it on self-diagnosed bed rest.
Yesterday we went to the duck pond to walk around. We fed them stale pretzels and they loved it. It's nice to go right after winter because they still swarm you for food because they haven't been fed for a while.
There were plenty more ducks than just these two. Once the others realized what was going on, we were in high demand from the customers. They came flying to us, "running" to us, swimming to us...all different directions.
Here I am at 39 weeks pregnant. I didn't bother to have the doctor check me this week. But last Monday I was dilated to 2cm and 75% effaced. She is now welcome to come at any time now that Scott his home.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Graduation Week Celebrations!

 Scott and his group showing off the baja at their senior capstone show.
 Aint he cute? And of course very manly. Below is a picture of all of us who received the Newel K. Whitney award. I'm over on the left next to Mo (the black guy). Sister Hendricks gave me my award.
 Rebekah and Jared joined us at Frontier Pies Thursday night.
 Mom and Jaxson
 The party continued at our apartment with pie
 Brian and I
Matt playing with Jaxson, Mariah and Brian
 The next day we went to Craigos for lunch.
 Then we took Brian to ride Scott's baja. It was out of gas unfortunately.
But Jaxson that it was cool that his aunt (me in the hood) would let him try it out.
It's blurry- but Scott gave the opening prayer at our convocation.
 Me walking across the stage- that is President Henry J. Eyring
Scott doing the same.
 Scott and I right after we got our 20 thousand dollar folders each
Scott and Dallin right after he got his folder.
 Scott- Mechanical Engineer & me- Communication
 With Ross Gneighting
 With Mom Jadwin
 With Uncle Gary and Aunt Maudie Cassel

The cute graduates. Other exciting news during the week, I went swimming for the first time in 9 months. I floated for the first time! Our family is full of sinkers and I've never quite been able to float.

These last 3 pictures were again taken by Rebekah Seely. It's the only good sign on campus left. They've been ripping them out and replacing them with ugly ones. Anywho-hope you enjoyed all of the pictures of our last week! Oh- and my capstone class where we did the was my group v.s. the other and we won! woo!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maternity Photos

My lovely friend Rebekah took some pictures for Scott and I. I was 37 weeks when these photos were taken. 

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