Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Goodness.

Talk about life.

I think Scott and I are finally in the groove of things for this semester. It seems every 3 or so months we are changing our routines. We are always forgetting when the other is in class, or trying to remember what days we were supposed to pack lunches...When I say finally in the groove, that means when we forget and the realize what is going on, we think "I knew that!".

Scott is busy doing school work. He's dealing with the infamous group projects (yuck!) and lame people in his classes. Scott does set himself on a higher level. He takes every class seriously and tries to learn the material rather than do what he can to get himself by. The one class I know he wishes he did more on his part in is our Old Testament class. But besides that Scootster (newest nickname) is enjoying this semester and likes keeping busy.

I think I could take after Scott when I say taking every class seriously. One of my general classes feels like a high school class. I really think my teacher is awesome, but would be awesome in a high school. I say that in the best way possible too! Then I have a complete 180 turn when it comes to my multimedia productions class. Right now I'm learning actionscript for Flash. It is hard! Yesterday in class I literally broke out saying, "I don't remember Spanish being so hard!" Because I really am learning another language. I do love it, and the possibilities with it, but holy cow.

More exciting news which I never shared. I did say I would be posting it, but never did. I've been making a lot of progress with my graphic design/advertising. My brother works at Nature's Nook, and with that, I was able to wiggle my way in and do some work for them too. I have posted on my site the last 3 projects I have done for them. One of which, the Kal Multivitamin rep saw the poster and loved it. She immediately wanted to take it to her boss. The competitor came in and was shocked to see that Kal was doing that sort of promotion and loved their poster. Rick, the owner, corrected that rep that it was I, Lori Smith, who did that poster. Since then Rick has had me do a poster for that competitor. woo!

I would say that is all for the exciting news...but it's not! A good friend of ours who had served his LDS mission in my hometown called me one Saturday afternoon. He is in New York with his lovely bride and is doing his own production business. He contacted me offering a job as an intern (from sadly no I'm not moving to New York yet...) doing graphic design. We are in the midst of discussing details, but I am so excited to get started it!

If you haven't noticed, this past week we did a silly girl photo shoot. Many girls were planning on going (I had at least 5 more!) but do to weather, they didn't come. I successfully had 3 friends come! I hope you enjoyed the pictures in my last blog post.