Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our move & New apartment!

So in no particular order, and some speak for themselves as to where and what they are. The second picture is our HUGE closet in our bedroom. The 6th picture is of our enormous pantry. You can see where Scott stuck our suitcases and everything! The couches on the lawn were just some of the ones that they had out there. We took one (and Scott still doesn't know that I have one!!) And the picture might be too small, but the one where Scott, Brian, and Spencer are putting the washer down, Brian's face is the perfect shot of agony. :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's April! Scott and I went to Utah for conference weekend. It was way to short! On Sunday Aunt Maudie, Uncle Gary, Danny & Shannon and their kids, and Kathy and Lee Dawald came to Patty's house. It was so much fun seeing them all again. We haven't seen them since the wedding. The Monday we got back from conference Brian and Mariah moved here. We've been with them ever since. Friday we went dumpster diving and it was great. We didn't get as much as what Brian and Mariah did, but we got enough! But this Thursday Scott and I are moving to our new apartment!! I'm really excited. But sad at the same time because the next day Scott is leaving for a competition in Washington, without me! So I will be in our new apartment all by myself! Sad. But the new semester starts next Monday- such a short break. The weather is finally warming up and we are getting these great spring showers. I can't wait for summer!