Sunday, January 24, 2016


This past year, 2015 has been eventful. The biggest highlight was when we had Ryder. Then Addilyn having mono. We had life changing moments- Addilyn going into preschool. Ya ya ya..preschool big whoop. But really- It's a new stage in my life as a parent. We actually have a set schedule. Scott also switched jobs- he still works for B/E but with a different group and building.

2016 will be another fun year! Disneyworld, NYC, a travel is to live! Addilyn will start Kindergarten (and I'll really melt down). Levi will be 3 and will start up a real co-op preschool again in the fall. And my baby will turn 1!!


I SO wish I could go back and dedicate a blog post to all the exciting and fun things that we have done since my last post. Life sorta got in the way a bit I suppose! Let me do a run down of what has happened the last 4ish months/last of 2015...
-We did as much as we could before our new schedule would start up for the fall. Things like swimming, games, museums, basically anything and everything. 
-Addilyn started PRESCHOOL. I totally melted watching her leave and made Scott SWEAR to me that he would take a picture of her every move going to the school and going into her class. He appeased me and maybe over did it...
-We joined the YMCA (huge deal for me...)
-We drove down to Atlanta for Labor Day and crashed with the Western fam. We went swimming, met their newest addition Tru, went to a crazy parade in downtown, and the cousins played all together. So fun.
-We started painting our house. Ya. we did. But we got so rained out that our 6 week plan got washed out and we have to finish it in the spring. bleh.
-Addilyn had a fall festival at her school that was so fun. They road horses, held a bird, and played carnival games.
-Scott's birthday I surprised him by doing this totally cool ropes course. It was EPIC and totally fun. As he put it, I totally win at birthdays and put him to shame. bahahaha
-My dad flew in from Seattle the Thursday before Thanksgiving. It was so great having him here. He met Ryder for the first time and spent plenty of time playing with the older two and then holding Ryder. While he was here Addilyn had her first preschool program about turkeys. It was adorable. The highlight of his trip here was all of us going to the Renaissance fair. It was so cool. The best part was the jousting. The kids loved it all including the magic shows.
-We dropped my dad off and continued straight to, you guessed it, Atlanta again! Shirley's oldest daughter Olivia got baptized and her youngest Tru had his baby blessing. There was lots of family there!
-Ryder turned 6 months Nov. 26th
-Addilyn had her Christmas program and she was the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD. But really, her costume was the best. She was a dove.
-My mom flew in from Seattle and while she was here our project was potty training Levi. Which was a success.
And now here are pictures that I threw in to help boost this posts interest a bit.