Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The month of April

Okay, so tomorrow is May. And my only post this month was from when my mom came. Can you blame me? So busy! I could separate this post into lots of different ones, but I'm just going to use sub-headers to differentiate the events that happened this month.


I may have mentioned before, but I self appointed myself to be in charge of our playgroup at church. I send out an email once a month with the thing we are planning to do and include other local events that may be happening around. These are pictures from our first playgroup at Fourth of July Park. There were a few girls there who had asked me about geocaching and there just so happened to be one 400 feet from the playground. So we all went over to find it! My friend Sarah found it. She was willing to dive under the trees to search for it! It was her first time :)
the gang walking to the cache
This picture below doesn't really go anywhere. But it was Addilyn after helping me with the dishes. She has resolved to always taking her shirt off when she does them because it gets wet. Well, now she does it in just her panties because her pants got wet too. If you couldn't tell, her hair is soaking wet. I had been wiping down the counters and table while she was still playing in the sink. I turned and saw her shivering saying, "All done!" She basically took a bath.
We did our 200th cache! Woo!! We waited to do this "Missile Command" cache for our 200th. It's an old missile container. It had some AWESOME things to trade. Unfortunately we were lame and didn't bring anything good enough to trade. There were unopened toys, kites, gadgets, etc.

Levi is in fact here, he's in the backpack
photo by Addi
They had an Easter egg hunt at the church building the Saturday before Easter. Addilyn got pretty intense at hoarding her goods. But really she's good at sharing if you ask.

I'm outside taking a picture of the front door. They are inside.

Our Easter Eve was spent dying our eggs. We tried this method of swirling food coloring into a pan of cream (shaving or whipped). It worked really well! I forgot to take a picture of the end product...

We were invited to our friend's house for Easter dinner. Emily likes to cook and it's mostly things her husband doesn't eat. So she invited us to help eat it all. We were happy to oblige! Addi loves Chloe.

I almost think that we the parents were more intense with this Easter egg hunt. We were being "that" parent who yells on the sidelines of the game to get your kid to do things right. We're just a wee bit competitive.
(this is right before the hunt)
Levi and Eli are a few months apart. But these boys sure love to climb on everything!
Baseball Season
For those of you who know me, you know that I love baseball. Everything about it. The meticulously cut grass, the superstitions of stepping on the white chalk, the fake throw to first to get the runner to get back, the foul balls, the good and bad calls, the traditional must stand and sing "take me out to the ball game" during the 7th inning stretch, the cheesy games they play on the big monitor in between innings... I really could go on. I can add to this list though- the intensity at which my daughter watches this game. She gets so into it. She screams "Where'd the ball go?" When it flies out of the stadium. Or "Run! Run! Run! Ball!!!!"
Did I mention how much I love that we get free tickets when Scott's work doesn't have them to give to?! And this last time one of the ladies who is the keeper of these tickets was there. As we were leaving she quietly whispered that whenever she has extra tickets that she'll make sure to ask Scott first. I'm SPOILED!

This girl...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grandma came!

Warning: Picture overload.
Grandma Jadwin came to visit during her spring break! We had so much fun. She flew in on a Friday night. For some reason when Grandma comes we always seem to get signed up to clean the church building. So Saturday morning morning we cleaned the building and then took Grandma geo-caching for the first time. Woohoo! She had a blast. Addilyn really showed her the ropes.

Grandma thought this was the best ever. Just a skirt lifter... her face is truly in the moment. It was awesome! Addilyn showed her what to do. Grandma had no idea what to look for when looking at this lamp post.

I was able to whip up Addi's matching beach cover-up Sunday night. While Grandma was here, to keep Addi distracted from torturing Levi, these two played puzzles on her ipad.
We also had some time at the library. These two kids were the life of the party. Bubbles, singing, dancing, scarf dancing...

Another day we went down to the Eskelsen's house. I don't know why, but this is the only photo I have from it. We went to lunch at a cafe and Addi ate her tuna melt with the toothpick that it came with.
They had another free day at the Children's Museum, where we love to go. Grandma had a blast watching these two play. We really wore her out.

 LOVE these pictures.

Addilyn's first a Kripy Kreme gal. She loved it. Usually we don't hang around here for very long because it's crowded out with a gazillion kids. But that day they were all playing in another place.

 Mario's pizza!!!!!! We LOVED this place. We've never been there before and thought we'd have a try.  Mom and I went back another night when Scott went to Texas.

Friday morning they had a special story time at the Barnes and Nobles. They had princesses there. This face of Addilyn's is priceless. She's absolutely THRILLED that Elsa is there. If you couldn't tell.

She's telling Levi that that is Elsa

Super shy... 

showing us her wand that she made

 Miller park! Just another day...

 Saturday we went to our friend's birthday party. There were lots of kiddos, but it was a lot of fun!

All the babes

Scott stayed behind with Addi and Levi one night so that Grandma and I could go out one night on our own. She and I went out and ended up eating appetizers and dessert at Applebees. It was delish.

My cute little family
Sunday is nap day. So Scott was in charge of putting Addilyn to sleep. Well, he fell asleep on her bed and she escaped. Luckily Grandma was hanging out in the front room not napping. So Addi and her hung out all afternoon. And Addilyn got ahold of my phone. These photos are the result.

dad being dad 
We went down to Hickory to see our friend Kayla and her cutie daughter. So fun. We love her and miss her and want her to move back please. hint hint