Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The month of December

I love that she still loves to hold him

I just love this little boy!
Big sister reading (well, like a 2yo)
Reading Christmas stories before naps!
Ready to roll
Laying on the love

mommy can fit in the box!

so dramatic
Target shopping (this arrang. didn't last long)
Old Salem bridge
During our break with Dad home we did what anyone would naturally do, geocache! Scott had a pretty lofty goal of getting nearly 100 caches during the break...Let's just say that didn't happen. One of the caches we did was in a tunnel that had been built in the 1800's. There are several of them throughout downtown Winston-Salem. This one in particular had a cache hidden inside about 50 yards. Talk about creepy! It was super clean and we didn't see any living or dead creatures which was a bonus! When we finally got to the cache it was right by a drainage spot from the street. I was filling out the log book when suddenly what sounded like a huge rush of water started coming down and our hearts just about came out of our chests. It was a lot of water, but nothing for us to worry about. But we knew we wanted to get out as soon as we could!

My first nano find! All by myself!
another 1800's tunnel

 And below are some cute videos.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving week

Levi and Kayla
Thanksgiving week is kindof a blur now that I look back. After the football game, we went to the airport and picked up Aaron and Brent who flew in from Provo, Utah. We decided we hadn't seen Aaron (the next brother to Scott) since Scott's 26th birthday party in Rexburg Idaho. Aaron had come up for the weekend. Scott had not seen Brent (brother next to Aaron) since a few days after I had given birth to Addilyn when Brent was going into the MTC for his mission. For me it was the spring of 2010 I think was when I last saw Brent.
Addi's first time on a real trampoline
Saturday night after the kiddos went to bed, the Busby's drove in from Pennsylvania. They stayed in the basement with their 5 kids. Anika is Scott's 2nd oldest sister. (getting confused yet?) Sunday was church and it's like I'm a regular in that ward with how often I've been down there. People recognize me but can't place me. "ya, I married Shirley Western's brother and we live in North Carolina" was my usual answer.
A normal night
Grandma & Levi
Grandma & Grandpa Smith and Isaac (the youngest) flew in from Missouri Monday morning. Later that same day Grandma & Grandpa Western (Eric's parents) flew in from Utah. Then, Monday night the Meldrums came (Rachel being the 3rd oldest). We were all there!!
Addi & Brent
Both Aaron and Brent had never met Addilyn or Levi. So it was probably pretty strange suddenly seeing us with two. Addi was super shy in the beginning being passed around from person to person. But who can blame her? 
Scott and Isaac provoking their mom into having a heart attack yet again.
Shy Addilyn and Grandpa
Grandma & Grandpa holding Ammon & Afton Western and Addi
Below is a shot of Grandpa wrestling all of the kids. Can you even spot him? Let me give you a hint- he is under the two girls.

The dishwasher box. It had a very short life.
This is Jared Busby, the youngest Busby. He was TOO cute helping Scott fix the dishwasher. Every time we go to someones house, they have a list of projects for Scott to potentially to do. It's his thing. Jared would grab Scott the tools that he needed and just watched him. Handy man in training. (he's 18 mo) 

With the newest addition, Ammon.
Grandma Western holding her newest grandson
Don't let her age fool you. This Grandma knows how to have fun! Grandpa Western was walking around doing magic tricks with the kids and whispering jokes into everyone's ears. He's a sly one.

Eila, Afton, Addilyn
I think Addilyn definitely had an interesting time adjusting to so many people. Especially to so many kids. There are 14 grandkids total, 3 of which were born this year. Since she is the oldest of a 7 month old, she isn't used to the aggressiveness that some of these cousins would show who have older siblings. And when I say aggressive, really the small things. To add to it, Addi is at this age where she is super emotional. She has a cousin Charlie who is a week younger than her and he is in the same boat. The slightest thing done to them and it's like you just stabbed them. Errr, I mean took their candy away...
Tuesday night we had a dance party at a club house. It was a blast! It was also a birthday party for all of the November birthdays. The kids loved the strobe lights.
Grandpa Western reading to Addi
Grandma holding Claire Meldrum
Brining our turkey
The weather that week was so-so. It rained for the first part and it was just so cold. But Wednesday afternoon it finally cleared up. Good thing because that was when we got our bouncy house delivered.

Grandma Western and Levi
Below: killing time. There were not a whole lot of places for the kids to play since it wasn't too nice outside. The 3 bedrooms upstairs had us, the Meldrums, and Grandma & Grandpa Western. The Westerns had all of their kids in their room, the Busby's were in the basement, and the 3 brothers were in the front room on cots that would go up during the day. Grandma and Grandpa Smith stayed at a friend's house.

Adding 15 more to the mix
The Hoggard's came in Wednesday night. Don't worry, they stayed in a hotel. The Hoggards are Scott's cousins on his mom's side of the family. They joined us for Thanksgiving.
the bounce house
Wednesday we went to the Waterfall's house for a few hours.
Thanksgiving morning a bunch of people went to the gobble jog. It was freeeeezing. But it was a lot of fun to watch. Everyone ran the 5k in under 25 minutes. Anika was the first woman to cross and overall was in 9th.
Rachel and Brad before the race
Post race
Those who ran: Erik, Shirley, Aaron, Anika, Brad, and Rachel. Keith, Grandpa, Grandma, me, Scott, and Levi were the cheerleaders.
I think the funniest and highlight was watching these two guys run. They ran with the Book of Mormons and did really well for their times!
Thanksgiving day. Most of the meals were done the night before. We had to transfer it all to the church. You didn't really think we'd all fit at Shirley's house did you?
Aaron and Grandpa Western with Levi
kids tables
Dessert table

After our dinner, we changed our clothes and had Ammon's baby blessing. There were soooo many men in that circle! We then had a talent show. I anticipated that most of the talents were going to be musical. So ours was a bit more- physical. Hopefully the video works.

Friday morning was spent taking family pictures. It was a little insane. But here are all the grandkids.

After pictures, we went geo-caching. We found a few. There was one that we spent forever looking for but just couldn't find. We are determined next time we're in Atlanta to go and get it.

note where I am feeding Levi

The last day we were there Shirley and I finally got a chance to go out in the jump house. Since we were mostly busy with other things and it was usually filled with kids, it was our turn. It was so much fun! Cold for sure, but fun!

me and shirley
The end of the run way
I couldn't move
kicked in the bum
Of course, we stopped for a cache in South Carolina. That way we could claim another state. It was a really pretty rest stop too!

Here are some things you would not be surprised to hear around the house during the week:
Who's crying?
That's nice. Very nice.
What does the fox say?!
What is that smell?
SHHH (name) is sleeping in there!
I'm getting HANGRY!
*indistinguishable crying screaming*