Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring flooding

Earlier this week we had a thunder/lightening/flash flood storm. We took photos because our backyard and our neighbor's yards all flooded due to poor drainage. Our neighbor has an open drain pipe that floods into his yard which flows to our drain. Does that make sense? Cause it doesn't to us.
aparently our storm drain is no longer the low spot...

The pipe is in his yard, water flooding under our fence

the middle of our yard
Thankfully none of the water comes up to our house or Cabo's dog house. Also our garden boxes are up higher as well so they were missed. In the picture below the water was up about 2 feet onto the fence and it was making a whirlpool in the corner. We filed a report with a city so hopefully the process to fix it all will be smooth. (but chances are that it won't...)
our neighbor's front yard
Addi in a tutu
The tutu definitely occupied her for a while. It was so cute watching her crawl around with the big poof on her. She was fascinated by the flower too.
Addilyn got a loot of new toys from our friend's neighbor. She has been having a blast. They are all really interactive and so much fun for her. Already she is learning from those toys. This morning as my photos were loading on here, she was putting her toys in her basket and pulling them back out and back in. Scott of course finds any toy that makes a noise annoying, but I ignore it because Addi loves it!

Earlier she bumped her head on a chair. Poor thing. It was gone by the next day, but in the mean time it was quite traumatic for her. Ever since she's become more mobile, she has been getting little scratches on her hands and arms. After cruising around I'll see her with a new red mark on her face but they disappear really quick.
These pictures were from yesterday. She has also been picking up things and holding them in her hands to crawl with. These balls were the funniest because she kept sliding with them. She cracks me up.
Lately Addilyn has been folding her arms on her own when we pray. It's the sweetest thing. I'll be standing in the kitchen and I'll have my arms folded. I'll look at her and then she'll copy and fold her arms. When we had the missionaries over Wednesday for dinner, everyone was peeking to see her with her folded arms while we prayed. Priceless.
Addilyn loves to feed herself. She still likes baby food, but I love it when she feeds herself. It gives me time to either feed myself or get started on making dinner. She was eating little cut up pieces of strawberries and this is what she left on herself. It makes you wonder how poorly she had to aim if she was going for her mouth.
clapping for dad
Addilyn is the biggest cheerleader. She thinks you are awesome for everything that you do. Like for example, yesterday in my finest moments I was scooping poop. She was sitting in her stroller observing my performance and was clapping and squeeling. Also yesterday, Scott mowed the lawn. Addilyn likes to watch him so I put her on her horse and she was going nuts for him. She was scream and laugh and clap and hit the window. She was letting her dad know how awesome he was for mowing the lawn.
Also, for anyone wondering...the weather here is beautiful still. Granted now that the weather is warmer, the bugs are coming out. It was so nice being basically bug free during the "winter". The spring time here is like summer to me. It's in the 70-80's with the thunder/lightening storms in the evenings. I do love that. I was reminded though last night of our cicadus and fireflies. First cause I heard the nasty little guys and then we were talking about fireflies (aka lightening bugs). Oh summer.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring, spring, spring!

Oh it has been beautiful here! We've been in the 60's-70's and yesterday and today in the 80's. I'm a warm weather person. Unfortunately I did forget about the bugs here. They just woke up since it's been over 70. But otherwise it's been great. Addilyn has been loving playing outside in the grass and with Cabo. We've been planting our garden and doing all sorts of yard work.

My first project, a crinkly baby block.
I got a sewing machine! Scott claims that all of his power tools are mine too...but this one is really mine! It was a few months late (my Christmas present) but it was worth the wait. We got a great deal. I've already made a couple of things and just went to get more fabric for more projects. Oh man!

Her first tooth!
I finally got a good shot of Addi's first tooth. It's a little harder than it looks to get a wiggling baby to pause for my (slow shutter) camera. But she's a doll! The next tooth coming in will probably be the one right next to it in the middle. As for other news, I don't remember if I wrote this last time, but she's crawling! She was doing a tummy pull/kick thing for a while. But now she's up on all fours and does a classic crawl. Her beautiful skin on her knees are now red from going everywhere. It's time we invested in some baby gates!
Watching Dad mow the lawn

Talking to Addi
I babysat Addison again this week. I put Addison in the Bjorn (front pack carrier) and put Addilyn in her stroller and went for a walk. It was quite toasty and a workout! But it was fun. I almost dared to bring Cabo along, but I thought it'd be better to not look as crazy as I was.
SO cute!

Addilyn is such a doll. She is so full of life. Since we've been going outside she's been taste testing everything...yuck! But she has fun while she does it. Cabo has also been loving the extra attention.

My other handsome child.
I've never been so in love with someone's toes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Videos of Addilyn

Enjoy the videos. They average 30 seconds for the longest. One of them is pretty blurry because it didn't focus on her at the beginning. But they are all adorable, and of course I have some more that I didn't upload.