Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's almost October...

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a nephew. My brother's wife is due today and she has reportedly been having contractions for the past 24 hours.

Scott and I have to move out of University Village. Tear. Since it is the university's housing, at least one of you must be a student to live there. Both Scott and I graduate April 9. Since I am due April 25, it would be wiser for us to move in December when it is less stressful!

Again, because of graduation, we must apply to grad schools. This includes Scott taking super exciting tests (not!) and figuring out which programs would be the best for Scott and us. Since mechanical engineers are harder to find, a lot of schools need students in their programs. With that said, they like to pay for students to go, and sometimes give them additional money for living expenses. That would be ideal.

In case you wanted to know, being pregnant is definitely a new experience for both Scott and me. It's really neat seeing Scott being extra attentive....aahhh... and wanting to make sure things are all good with me. Lately I've been having cases of nausea, which after talking to a friend of mine, we decided it is heartburn. Or at least the heartburn is contributing to it and could be causing it. I wake up at night on average 2 times to go pee. I am eating something all the time. (as I type this post I am snacking on water, wheat thins, and tums) Not to mention the waves of being tired. The first couple weeks of school were just fine. But lately I've been wanting to nap in class!

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Scott and I are expecting our first baby around April 25, 2011. We both will be graduating April 9th. No, we don't know what we are having, the song just fit. This is how we told our family! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today we went fishing with the Gneitings. We caught Rainbow Trout.