Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip part 1

July 24, at Grandma and Grandpa Western's house. They celebrated their 50th anniversary that weekend. I am holding Afton Western, my neice. That day we walked to church and along the way named ant hills that we found.
July 25, me and Olivia Western. We had pulled over somewhere in I think Kansas to eat our breakfast: bacon, eggs, pancakes. If it wasn't for the Westerns, Scott and I wouldn't have made it to Missouri at the time that we did!
Shirley may trust me too much...I convinced her to paint a wall in her front room orange! Once the room was all put together, it looked awesome. I love the orange and to Scott it's Mexican orange. But we all love it. I also got Shirley to cut her hair super short, just like when we got married. It's adorable.
This is melted peachios. We had another bag of melted gummy worms. Shirley's husband Erik ate both bags on our way to Nauvoo Illinois. Yuck!
July 30, Us in the van on our way to Pete Rosario's wedding.
July 31, from left: Dad Smith, Pete Rosario, Mom Smith

From left back row: Scott, Erik Western, Gunnar Smith, Dad Smith, me, Shirley Western, Afton Western, Isaac Smith, Mom Smith, Olivia Western

From left: Scott, Erik, Gunnar, Dad, Isaac, Olivia

Two years previously in May 2008, Scott and I were in Nauvoo for Rachel and Brad's wedding. We were just engaged. And there we are married 2 years and back in Nauvoo!

Mr. and Mrs. Rosario July 31, 2010 Nauvoo, Illinois LDS temple

The New York family!

 Pete helping Scott fix his tie. Scott baptized and confirmed Pete, Dad Smith was Pete's bishop at the time, and Erik was in the Elder's quorum and fellowshipped him.

Scott and I went to the Nauvoo pageant after Pete's wedding.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip part 2

We left Missouri August 4th and got into Salt Lake City, Utah. We stayed with the Mills and their awesome place. This is the SLC temple where Dallin and Colleen Steele got married August 6th.
Waiting outside!
Dallin and Colleen Steele!
That night we went out to dinner with Mark and Katrina's friends for Mark's birthday. We later went to the Nickel Arcade that's there in Provo.
Scott and I driving to California. We left Saturday August 7th.
We stopped at Cove Fort in southern Utah. They had some cool stuff, including free lunch.
We drove through Las Vegas on our way to southern California. It was Scott's first time. It was super hot and we just drove through it to keep our time on the drive!

2 Year anniversary

Scott and I spent our anniversary at the spa, getting pedicures, and eating at the hat with friends and family, and a concert dancing in the park in southern California. It was such a great day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Break short...

I know it has been a LONG time since my last post. Here is our break in a nutshell:

July 24-25
Spent the night at the Westerns, went to church, and then caravan'd with Shirley and Erik to Kansas City Missouri

July 26-29
Partied between Scott's parents house and Shirley and Erik's house.

July 30-August 1
Drove to Nauvoo Illinois to see a friend get married in the Nauvoo temple.

August 2-3
Hung around Smithville MO.

August 4
Drove 15 hours to Salt Lake City Utah.

August 4-6
Stayed at Katrina and Mark's, went fishing with Brad and Rachel, partied for Mark's birthday, and Dallin's wedding the 6th.

August 7
Drove from SLC to Claremont California.

August 8-today
Church, family, 2 year anniversary on the 9th, spa, pedicures, food, Santa Monica and Venice Beach, LA temple, La Brea tar pits, Hollywood....