Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birthday celebrations

Friday night we had a combined birthday gathering for Rebekah and I. We had so much fun!
For my actual birthday, Brian, Mariah, and Scott and I went to Idaho Falls for dinner. We ate at our favorite Chinese buffett. Afterward Scott and I took pictures of us with the beautiful sunset.
This Friday we will be going on a canoe/dinner trip. Woo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cliff Lakes and Geocaching

Friday night us and the Price's went to Cliff Lakes to go camping. Tim is an engineering student like Scott and also was his companion on the mission. Jackie, his wife, is a dance major.
Our hike on Saturday was to a geocache titled "The hills are alive". We didn't really think about the name much, but after a million hills, we knew it's meaning. This is the first hill.
We followed a lot of animal trails, and on the flat spots, there were farm roads.
There were beautiful meadows at parts with these cool flowers.
We finally got to the geocache and we all collapsed where it was, ate some lunch, and took naps.This photo is when we were on our way down. It was so pretty.
We rolled under a couple of barbed wire fences.
We got to a point where we thought we were going to be right on the lake after we crested a hill. These are the pictures of what we found. We hiked along this cliff/range that definitely had a bear living on. We later discovered that it was most likely a grizzly bear. Yikes!

There were several hills that had thousands of trees that were laying down. We had to crawl up, down, and around these trees. That took forever.
One of the exciting things was when we were right by the lake, Scott found a moose antler!
We ended our night at Big Springs in Island Park, just to see the big fish. But we got a surprise when we also got the beautiful sunset.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Scott and I went fishing with the Gneitings Friday. Oh they are so fun! We went to No-Tell-Em Crick...Literally! He said, okay, it's 2.3 miles from this sign...and then he just pulled off the highway into the woods! It was crazy! (for more photos check out my photo blog)
 We caught 21 brookies in the short time that we were there.
Scott knew the Gneitings from his mission and after. They just adored him. And they love me too, which is awesome.
Ross showed Scott how to properly gut the fish.
All our fishies!

Our hike back up to the car.
Then they drove us all the way out to Dell Montana where we ate at Yesterday's Cafe. They ran out of all of their food except for ground beef. So Scott and I had burgers and Ross and Linda had breakfast.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Riverside Campsite in Island Park