Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures from last of summer 2009

At the cousins wedding reception.

Working on the Trebushe


Smithville, MO

The Y in Provo

Mt. Timpanogas

Wildhorse Waterfall

The last of summer break

The past couple weeks have been packed with things to do and places to go! It all started with our trip to Provo for Lucy Jean Meldrum's baby blessing that included a sealing on Saturday and picking my mom up from the airport Friday night. My mom stayed with us until she left with my brother and his wife for Washington on Friday morning. Friday after she left Scott and I left for Utah once again. We stayed with Rachel and Brad until we left Monday morning for Smithville, Missouri. We spent the next week at Scott's parents house going golfing, boating, swimming, nature hiking, eating, and shopping. We flew back to Salt Lake with Scott's brother Brent who is going to be a freshman at BYU-I. We then stayed at Rachel and Brad's again. While there we hiked to the Y, shopped, and played games. Scott and Brent hiked Mt. Timpanogas on Wednesday. That day Rachel and I visited Meleana for a few hours. On Thursday when we drove back to Rexburg, we stopped in Salt Lake to see my two cousins Derek and Craig who are going to the LDS Business College. Our apartment was full with Brent and Dallin (Scott's old roommate and BF) staying with us. The next day on Friday we left for Mackay to go camping for the weekend. Brian and Mariah joined us that night. In the morning the four boys (Scott, Brian, Dallin, Brent) went to hike the tallest mountain in Idaho- Mt. Borah. It's a wicked hike we've heard. 3.5 miles and about 5,000 ft gained. Two of them made it to the top, Scott and Brent, where Brian and Dallin fell for Chicken out ridge and didn't make it past. That day while they were gone, Mariah and I went out to lunch and went to Wildhorse Waterfall. Saturday night Brian and Mariah headed back, and the rest of us left on Sunday. Yesterday was spent moving Brent into his new apt. and cleaning ours. Overall this break has been a success. Now we await for school to start on Thursday. TEAR!